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Thursday, September 25, 2008

CNN News and Conventions Revisited

CNN’s Global Audience to Debate the Debates on ‘The Forum’ Provides Destination for Live, Interactive Dialogue During Upcoming Presidential and VP Debates

CNN today announced a cross-platform initiative that enables its global audience to engage in a real-time online dialogue with other viewers and users as well as with select CNN contributors as they watch the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates. These live, interactive conversations called “Debate the Debate with CNN” kicks off during the first presidential debate on Friday, Sept. 26, and will take place on The Forum,’s recently launched platform for social and political self-expression.

“The Forum is quickly evolving into a community whose members are actively engaging in conversations about today’s hottest topics, in particular the fast-approaching presidential election,” said Rena Golden, senior vice president and executive producer of “The opportunity to host a real-time conversation among viewers during each of the upcoming debates is thrilling, and we look forward to more Internet users joining the thousands already active on The Forum for its first live, interactive dialogue.”

To participate in “Debate the Debate,” online users must register as a member of The Forum at Upon registration, users are provided with simple tools for self-identification, social networking and community-building, including the ability to design a personalized virtual “badge” that graphically depicts their political passions and positions on top issues. Then, on Friday, Sept. 26, beginning at 4 p.m. (ET) with CNN’s special coverage of the first presidential debate, registered users of The Forum can go to to comment on the debate in real time as they watch it simultaneously on CNN or online at Live, the network’s multi-stream, live video news service.

In addition to discussing the debate with other users, registered members of The Forum will have the opportunity to sound off with CNN contributors participating in the live, online conversation. CNN correspondent Candy Crowley, senior political analyst Bill Schneider, political analyst Mark Preston and political contributors Roland Martin and Leslie Sanchez are scheduled to engage in the community during the first presidential debate on Sept. 26.

The Forum provides practical, convenient access to the most current election information, including detailed candidate profiles and platforms; examination of salient issues; an extensive video archive allowing users to hear from the candidates in their own words – raw and uncensored; and links to relevant political Web sites and other resources

CNN Digital Sets Multiple Records in August as Race for White House Intensifies
As Internet users sought up-to-the-minute news and information during the month of August, the CNN Digital Network had the highest average time per person – 35.8 minutes – among the Top 5 news and information sites. Additionally, CNN Digital registered a record 38.8 million unique users in August, securing a 22 percent increase in reach over this time last year. (Source: Nielsen Online Home/Work Panel)

In particular,’s reporting and analysis of the road to the White House kept users turning to the news and information site in record numbers, driving, the online gateway to the site’s up-to-the-minute political coverage, to garner its one billionth page view since launching less than a year ago.

During the Democratic National Convention, CNN Digital attracted more users than any other competitor, making it the No. 1 news and information site for the convention based on total minutes. As the most used online news entity for all four days of the convention, CNN Digital racked up 182.7 million usage minutes, 8.7 million more than MSNBC Digital and 28.7 million more than Yahoo! News. During the convention, served a total of 15.2 million video streams, including 2.5 million live streams from Live, the site’s live, multi-stream video news service. Compared to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, the CNN Digital Network showed growth in average daily unique users garnering a 66 percent increase. (Source: Nielsen Online Custom Data and Nielsen Online, NetView)

On Friday, Aug. 29 – the day after Sen. Barack Obama’s acceptance speech and the day of the highly anticipated announcement of Sen. John McCain’s running mate – a record number of users turned to the CNN Digital Network, breaking multiple records including:
· had its highest traffic day ever with 16.1 million page views.
· CNN Political Ticker – the No. 1 political news blog according to Nielsen Online – also reported its highest trafficked day ever with 2.96 million page views
· received 845 submissions in response to McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate – a record number of submissions for a single news event in a 24-hour period
· Nearly 6,000 new contributors registered on
(Source: Nielsen Online and Omniture SiteCatalyst, Global)

In August, CNN Digital set other records as it served 127 million video streams, making August the highest month ever for the network’s video streams served, representing an increase in usage of 88 percent year to date. Live served more than 6.3 million live streams during the month, quadrupling the amount of live video streams served over the prior four-week period. (Source: Nielsen Online and Omniture SiteCatalyst)

Traffic to totaled more than 21 million page views, and the user-generated content destination served 4.2 million videos during the month of August. In addition to politics, other popular topics in the community during August included hurricane-related submissions and contributions from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. First-hand accounts of the Georgia-Russia conflict, which numbered more than 1,200 contributions, added depth, context and detail to CNN's coverage of that on-going international story. (Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst, Global)

As a key component of CNN’s dedicated “Issue #1” coverage of the economy, – CNN’s exclusive business site and the online home of FORTUNE, MONEY and FSB: FORTUNE Small Business magazines – also set a record with 818 thousand unique viewers for the month of August, which is’s highest unique viewer count ever. Also, saw users spend an average of 16.2 minutes per visit on the site in August, a 16 percent increase over last year. Additionally, saw a 28 percent increase in page views over the same time last year.

CNN Mobile remains the No. 1 mobile Internet news provider with 5.8 million unique users, maintaining its top ranking for the 22nd month in a row. CNN Digital Network mobile usage has increased 45 percent since last year. (Source: Nielsen Mobile).

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is a great saying but it could be used just about anywhere. Well maybe not if you appear on the Conan O’Brien show. Anderson Cooper was on Conan’s show last week and shared a story about John Roberts and himself. Well of course the following morning John got an earful from Kiran Chetry and Rob Marciano.

I came across this clip I uploaded of Jessica Yellin talking to Campbell Brown about preparations being doing in St. Paul for the Republican Convention. Things can defiantly happen on live TV but thankfully someone had their eyes open.

All Things CNN wants to send belated birthday wishes to "Mr. Independent", Lou Dobbs who celebrated his birthday on September 24.

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Ron For Liberty said...

I beleive that the debates tonight perpetrate a fraud against the American People because they do not have all the candidates who are on the ballot on enough states to mathematically achieve the votes of the Electoral College to win the Office. The Citizens who are members of these parties deserve a refund of their tax dollars for the money spent in illegal campaign contributions to the Republican and Democratic Parties by the so-called Commission on the Presidential Debates. They are fraud because that Committee does not include members of any other parties nor does contain indpendents. I will not be voting for either McShrubb the Senile or Senator Barrack O'bummer because they will not leave Iraq ending the fraudulent war. They will continue their support for Israel which stole it's country back. It's not our job to defend it. They will bailout the Wall Street high rollers at the expense of those of use who have faithfully paid our bills but now are getting stuck with their foolishness. They will continue their support for the Federal Flood Insurance program which pays people to live in stupid places. They will continue to support bridges to nowhere. The republicans will continue to be a political plebes of the religious wrong which is destroying liberty and civil rights in America. The democrats will continue to rape our wallets for things we should not be spending our money to buy which the average citizen would not spend in their household budgets. It's as if the Democrats spend the rent money on pictures and pipedreams. I will be voting for Bob Barr and Ralph Nader. Thank You CNN for covering Their candidacies periodically and keep up the good work. Lou Dobbs wake up! This election and being independent isn't about the lesser of two evils. It's about knowing all the choices. Lew, you are nothing but a bipartisan apologist; and you are not a true indpendent until you give us all the choices. Some your fellow Journalists at CNN and Glenn Beck do it. You can too, Lou, be true independent if you really want change on the issues that matter to you.

End time place to go said...

I would like to know what the two Presidential Candidates views are on personal gun owner ship and if they are willing to cut down the size of government to help pay for the wall street bail out.
And if they are willing to turn the running of the wall street bail out over to people that's not in the government.