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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Explaining Terror

Peter Bergen was on all day Friday, trying to explain who might be behind the Mumbai attack, and why. Also, what do we do next?

First, speaking to Joe Johns during the 6am hour:

With Carol Costello, 8am:

Fredricka Whitfield, 9am:

Tony Harris, 11am:

And with Wolf Blitzer at 4pm:

Nic Robertson filed this report after the assault on Chabad House:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Every now and then I grouse about something that the graphics department does, but this one really blew my mind: I was watching the coverage when I was suddenly distracted by the sight of the Cartoon Network logo included with the "Terror in India" slug. See it below Fredricka's left hand? Could anything be less appropriate during this horror?

... uh ... never mind. Sorry, graphics guys! I should have known that even in the midst of the insanity that must be the behind-the-scenes reality during breaking news coverage, you wouldn't have made that kind of a blunder! My apologies!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Ed Henry and Jessica Yellin are still in Chicago.

MONDAY: Suzanne Malveaux and Candy Crowley were in Washington; Nic Robertson reported from London on the Michael Jackson trial; Joe Johns was in for John Roberts all week; Betty Nguyen was in for Heidi Collins Monday and Tuesday; TJ Holmes was in for Rick Sanchez through Wednesday and again on Friday; Miles O'Brien was in for Wolf Blitzer through Wednesday; Soledad O'Brien was in for Anderson Cooper Monday and Tuesday.

TUESDAY: Gary Tuchman was in Lansing, Michigan; Tom Foreman was in for Campbell Brown Tuesday and Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY: Suzanne was in New York; Carol Costello was in for Kiran Chetry through Friday; Fredricka Whitfield was in for Heidi Collins through Friday; Kitty Pilgrim was in for Lou Dobbs. In mid-afternoon, the terrorist attack in Mubai begin, and Andrew Stevens began reporting from that city; Nic Robertson was in London, where he had reported on the al Qaeda threat to NY subways in the morning but stayed to report on the new attack; Jim Clancy of International was on-set in Atlanta; Erica Hill hosted live coverage through the AC360 timeslot. Domestic carried the International feed all night.

THURSDAY: American Morning started a half-hour early; Christiane Amanpour was in New York; Peter Bergen in Washington; Paula Newton and Phil Black in London; Sarah Sidner on the scene in Mumbai; Reza Sayah in Islamabad; International's Michael Holmes on the set in Atlanta. Kyra Phillips stayed on the air through Rick Sanchez' timeslot and the first 90 minutes of The Situation Room, after which, Domestic picked up the International feed for the rest of the day until the "Heroes" special programming began.

FRIDAY: Matthew Chance and Nic Robertson were in Mumbai; Wolf Blitzer hosted TSR from Miami.

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Mavis said...

I have really become a fan of Sarah Sidner.

maxie1218 said...

I did too Mavis...Thanks Cyn for the great post and the PB clips.