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Sunday, November 30, 2008

World Aids Day 2008

December 1st is World Aids Day- this is its 20th anniversary.

Forty million people in countries around the world are HIV positive. In 2007, almost 2.1 million people died of AIDS, and 2.5 million new cases of HIV occurred. HIV and AIDS is being spread throughout all countries, although some countries have much higher rates than others. (Source)

CNN's Asieh Namdar recently spoke to Ethan Zohn (of Survivor fame) about how he's using soccer to educate children about AIDS.

On Reliable Sources this morning, Howard Kurtz talked to the filmmakers who created the Martin Eisenstadt hoax (Eitan Gorlin & Dan Mirvish). Here's a clip from the program:

Shouldn't the media be held responsibile for at least making an attempt to verify that their sources are credible?

Photo credit: AP Photo/STUART RAMSON

At 18th Annual International Press Freedom Awards Dinner in New York on November 25th, Christiane Amanpour holds an award for Cuban journalist Hector Maseda Gutierrez. He is one of six journalists honored this year.

Photo credit:Mike Guastella/WireImage

Larry King recently celebrated his 75th birthday and the 20th Anniversary of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. Pictured are arrivals to the party that was held at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland on November 15, 2008: Drew Carey, Paulina Rubio, Larry King, Chance King, Shawn King, Cannon King and Colbie Caillat.

CNN Newsroom in Hong Kong has a new anchor: Anna Coren. The Daily Telegraph spoke to her about her new job and the one that she recently left.

She may be a household name in Australia, but when Anna Coren sets foot in the CNN newsroom in Hong Kong for the first time today she will be back to square one in the eyes of the global television community.

Six weeks after leaving Channel 7 in controversial circumstances - asked to go early by her bosses - Coren is yet to be told when she will debut on news behemoth CNN.

Fans of Coren were expecting to see her return to air today in her role as CNN anchor and presenter, but her first day turned out to be "orientation day" - new bag, new desk, new brief.

"I'll be shadowing and observing for a while and honestly I don't know when I'll be on air or if, in fact, I'll be on camera before Christmas," she said from Hong Kong yesterday. "I hope so.

"The bosses here have decided they aren't going to throw me in. CNN has a policy to that effect. They are big on having you well and truly versed in the CNN ways before you start."

Coren has previously shared with this columnist her regrets about the way she finished up at Seven. She was caught out auditioning on the sly for CNN earlier in the year.

"I know that I embarrassed (Seven boss) David Leckie and (news boss) Peter Meakin," she said.

"That was not my intention. I had already indicated to them that I was not interested in re-signing my Seven contract and was looking around at other opportunities. But I got caught out.

"Hours after I'd conducted my interview for CNN in Atlanta, Seven in Sydney was on the phone. They'd heard about it. I'd rather not say what was said to me at the time, but Peter Meakin and I have never had a problem."

Rumour has it that Leckie did have a problem and when Coren finally confirmed she would finish at Seven at the end of the year (her final Today Tonight program should have gone to air on Friday last), he pushed for her to go immediately.

Turned out that suited Coren just fine.

She has spent the past month settling into an apartment in Hong Kong, with her sister Tonya on hand to help unpack.

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