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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Michael and Peter and MOB rules!

Michael Ware and Peter Bergen made some appearances on Veteran's Day to discuss the realities on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. What does the new administration face and is there any realistic chance of wrapping the wars up and getting the troops home anytime soon?

First, on Campbell Brown's program:

Later, on AC360:

Earlier in the day, Michael was on World News Europe on International, where he and retired General (and former presidential candidate) Wesley Clark discussed the threats on the ground:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I've always been fascinated with technology and gadgets, so I look forward to Miles O'Brien's reports. And he always seems like he's having such a great time investigating the latest cool stuff. But his most-fun reports are the Shuttle launches. (And I refrained from saying he always looks like he's having a blast!)

In a piece that was supposed to air Friday but got bumped, Miles covers some of the challenges facing NASA as we enter the Obama years: the Shuttles are about to be retired and there will be several years when we will have to hitchhike on Russian launches if we want to get into space. How long that gap is depends on how much money we give NASA:

In this piece from BackStory, Miles takes us on a tour of CNN's command-center RV as they get ready to cover the launch of the Endeavour last night:

And yes, he really did drink the recycled-urine water on the air:

And just because it is so beautiful: the nighttime launch of the Endeavour:

By the way, If you don't follow Miles as he Twitters (something else he does with relish ... and Miles can insert his own condiment joke here) here's a look at how launch day unfolded. Timestamps frozen at around 4pmET:
Launch day. Writing a piece for Sit Room on Obama and space. He did not start out well on this subject. But now offers chrome and tailfins. 4:55 AM yesterday from web

Got my cigars, DD ice coffee, some snacks - heading for launch complex 39. Blue sky - hope it holds. 8:37 AM yesterday from txt

First live shot from the Cape in 3 mins. I will drink urine water live! 10:56 AM yesterday from txt

Still 70% go for weather. Crew getting wx briefing now. Suit up pix shortly. If they don't launch today, it may be a while. Front coming. 12:11 PM yesterday from web

inspection team (ice team) is on the pad looking for signs of trouble. 12:20 PM yesterday from web

About to do a live shot for CNN-I. 12:48 PM yesterday from txt

Astro convoy just passed by our site on the mound. Armored vehicle - helicopter escort. Seems a little excessive. But tin gods love this. about 24 hours ago from web

Crew strapping in now. Soon they will be saying the astronauts prayer: "Dear Lord, don't let me be the one to f@*k it up" about 23 hours ago from txt

ten miles from O and C building to stop at Launch Control Center for mgt. to get inside about 23 hours ago from web

Watch my piece on Obama and space at 5:50pm ET. CNN Situation Room. about 22 hours ago from txt

We will be broadcasting launch in High Def. Second time for us. Hope you have surround sound as well. about 22 hours ago from txt

Piece just got Hillary'd. S@#t about 22 hours ago from txt   [the Obama/space piece was bumped for the Breaking News that Hillary might be named SecState]

Hatch closed- checking to make sure it is sealed. This can be tricky at times. about 22 hours ago from web

Now about 50 mins to launch. Weather improves. Now 80% green. about 21 hours ago from web

getting ready to poll the team "go or no go" about 21 hours ago from web

'twas a beautiful thing - like dawn. Wish you were here. about 20 hours ago from web

Thirty minutes into the flight - and the shuttle is a third of the way around the world. 0 to 17,500 mph in 8.5 minutes. Not very good MPG. about 19 hours ago from web

Post launch jam on SR-3. Endeavour going mach 25. Me: 5 about 18 hours ago from txt
I love the whole Twitter thing when it comes to the reporters and correspondents; like BackStory, it gives us a chance to see what they do to get a story, put the piece together, and get it on the air. Absolutely fascinating.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Speaking of BackStoryRichard Quest tours the CNN DC bureau roof while getting ready to cover the G-20 summit for International. Ever heard of "roof envy"? Well, now you have:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Suzanne Malveaux was still in Chicago, covering the Obama transition team.

SUNDAY: David Mattingly was in Petionville, Haiti to cover the collapse of a school there; Morgan Neill reported from Ciego de Avila, Cuba on the effects of Tropical Storm Paloma; Matthew Chance reported from Moscow on the accident onboard a Russian nuclear submarine; Jessica Yellin was still in Chicago for the Obama transition; John King hosted Late Edition.

MONDAY: Barbara Starr was in Malakashay, Afghanistan; Carol Costello was in for Kiran Chetry; Fredricka Whitfield was in for Heidi Collins; John Roberts hosted Campbell Brown's show.

TUESDAY: Gary Tuchman was back in Atlanta; Fredricka handled in-studio duties while Heidi Collins reported live from the deck of the Intrepid; Michael Ware was in New York; Peter Bergen was in Washington.

WEDNESDAY: Fredricka was in for Heidi; Candy Crowley and Ed Henry were in Chicago for the Obama transition; John Zarella and Dana Bash were in Miami for the Republican Governor's convention; Wolf Blitzer was in Miami to interview Governor Sarah Palin.

THURSDAY: Fred was in for Kyra Phillips; Wolf was back in DC; Tom Foreman was in New Orleans to report on the KKK killing; Anderson Cooper hosted AC360 from Los Angeles (as he would also do on Friday).

FRIDAY: Chris Lawrence was in Montecito, California to report on the wildfire there; Richard Quest was in DC for the G20 summit; Miles O'Brien was at Kennedy Space Center for the launch of the Endeavor; Kitty Pilgrim hosted Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Don't forget to vote for the CNN Heroes, which will be presented Thanksgiving night on CNN. Enjoy your weekend!

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