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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Few Strands of Tinsel

This was one of those weeks when not a lot caught my eye to clip (could be because I was preoccupied with the holidays and the crazy weather outside my window!) ... and half of what I did clip was already posted!

But I did get this piece by Zain Verjee, talking about the "bling" given to SecState Rice (which she can't keep):

Gary Tuchman fixes our Little Red Wagon (okay, not really, but how could I resist a line like that?):

This is the newest incarnation of the "Let's Go" promo:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two special year-end reviews air Sunday:
Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer: Best of 2008 will examine a remarkable year in news and look ahead at what is in store for 2009. CNN lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer will be joined by members of the “Best Political Team on Television” to look back at newsmaker interviews during the year of a historic election and a global economic crisis. Interviews with key political and business leaders including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Hillary Clinton, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Sen. John McCain, President-elect Barack Obama, Gov. Sarah Palin and CNN founder Ted Turner. Airing Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (ET), Blitzer and the panel will look ahead at the incoming Obama administration and discuss the future of the GOP.  [This will also be Wolf's final Late Edition.]

Howard Kurtz hosts Reliable Sources: A Year in Review to examine coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign and changes in the news business. Kurtz will be joined by Amy Holmes, CNN political contributor; Bill Press, radio talk show host; Terence Smith, former PBS media correspondent; and Jessica Yellin, CNN national political correspondent. The one-hour program will air in its usual time slot, Sunday at 10 a.m. (ET). 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Randi Kaye was in Atlanta to host two hours of NewsRoom both days this weekend.

SUNDAY: Ed Henry was in Honolulu covering Obama; Bill Schneider was in Los Angeles; Jessica Yellin was in Washington; Susan Roesgen was in Denver to cover the plane that caught fire during takeoff; Arwa Damon was in New York.

MONDAY: Matthew Chance was in the Kaluga Region of Russia (south of Moscow); Carol Costello was in for John Roberts; Betty Nguyen was in for Kyra Phillips; TJ Holmes was in for Rick Sanchez; Suzanne Malveaux was in for Wolf Blitzer; Lisa Sylvester was in for Lou Dobbs; Erica Hill was in for Campbell Brown.

TUESDAY: Carol was in for Kiran ChetryTJ was in for Rick; Suzanne was in for Wolf; Lisa was in for Lou; Erica was in for Campbell and for Anderson Cooper.

WEDNESDAY: Carol was in for Kiran; Betty was in for Heidi Collins; Richard Liu in for Kyra; TJ was in for Rick.

CHRISTMAS DAY: Joe Johns was in for John; Carol was in for Kiran; Alina Cho was in for Heidi; Richard was in for Tony Harris; from 1pmET on, all repeats (with the exception of Larry King Live, which was new but pre-recorded.) Zain Verjee was in the studio for news breaks.

FRIDAY: Nic Robertson was in London to report on the Pakistani troop movements; Peter Bergen was in New Orleans and also discussed the situation; Joe = John; Carol = Kiran; Alina = Heidi; TJ = Tony; Richard = Kyra; TJ = Rick; Suzanne = Wolf; Lisa = Lou; Campbell aired a pre-recorded special; Larry = himself; Erica = Anderson.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas week... now let's make plans for New Year's!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wondering if CNN is not planning something
big in the digital news world. I noticed on the
360 blog that a digital producer was moving on
to a new assignment within CNN. It is is my hope
that CNN establishes an online community for
journalists( pros, college, freelance, citizens),
doc and filmmakers, authors, poets, musicians
and viewers to submit stories and ideas about
events and news that CNN might be interested
in covering for programs like AC360 and others,
photographers(pros and ams), artists,animators,
etc.I think if CNN establishes a blog/website
that is a combinations of Digg, Vimeo, or even
Current TV which actually puts on a hourly news
segment put together by viewers.I stress it still
must have a strong emphasis on news and
journalism. The point being to offer people
of a wide range to be contributors to CNN.
The news should come from legit news sources
and not the Huffington Post, Drudge or political
blogs CNN has the political ticker for this. Also
if viewers discover something cool on the web
to provide a link. Also, if CNN is really serious
about what viewers have to say. Set is up so
people can sign up by using their real names
and become a part of a worldwide
journalism movement. Heck even have a
broadband channel on the internet to view
the program that will air content that will
eventually make it's way to CNN. I think Sunday
afternoon would be a great time to have the
material air instead of repeat hours of the same
thing over and over again. I say this because
I think this is the actual future of tv news. Not
the twitter junk. If CNN was really interested in
what viewers thought they would have comments
on the stories and content. And please at least
use a format like Havoc 101 that will permit you
to actually read real time comments. But please,
please do not permit it to be highjacked by the
left vs right ideology. Make it about the news.
This would also permit CNN in many ways to
be 1 24/7 network. Heck even do like Current
TV and pay contributors for original content. I
say this as a new fan and CNN is the only network
I can tune in for news most of the time. I know
people like my self that would like to see more
international news on CNN many times during
the day.Also permit viewers to say which stories
are being ignored. CNN could actually start a
movement within the news industry that FNC,
MSNBC could not pull off in 24/7 news. Let's go.
The would has changed people now create their
own media.