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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Miles O'Brien

It is with such regret that we note the news of Miles O'Brien's departure from CNN.

We asked Miles for a statement and he sent us this:

In television news, a nearly 17-year stint at one shop is more than just a good run - it is an epoch. I can honestly say I have loved every minute of my time at CNN (well maybe not the 2:45 AM alarm bell when I was anchoring American Morning). It has been my privilege to be surrounded by the most talented, dedicated and creative people in the business. Collaborating with them - sharing many great adventures - is what I will miss the most - But I leave with great memories and great friendships intact.
These are tough times for all of us - especially in our business as it endures tectonic changes. But amid the chaos I see a lot of exciting opportunities - and I look forward to exploring what is on the horizon - which, after all, has been my mission at CNN all these years. - Miles O'Brien

We don’t usually go into a lot of opinion here at ATC, but this just begs us to break with tradition. Along with Miles 6 producers were let go, virtually shutting down CNN’s Space, Science & Technology unit. To me this is akin to dummying down a network that used to be cutting edge (no the hologram trickery doesn’t count as cutting edge) in the science field. Miles O’Brien has a true love for aviation, science and all that relates. He also has the ability to anchor report and inspire. What a huge loss to CNN viewers.

We had recently talked Miles into doing a Q & A with ATC and hope that after the dust settles he will find a few minutes to give us his insights. Also we will be passing along to Miles any emails and comments you wish to send along. ~Phebe

Don't forget to tune in Thursday, December 4th at 9 PM Eastern for Christiane Amanpour CNN documentary about genocide, CNN Presents: Scream Bloody Murder. Also on Thursday Amanpour will participate in an in-depth discussion on the subject of her special at 1 PM Eastern on Live. During the Live special, Amanpour also will answer video questions from users. To submit a question follow the link. Amanpour will also make a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Wednesday night, December 3rd.

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Sapphire said...

I found out this terrible news at work and I was so sad to hear that Miles would no longer be on CNN. Miles has been an amazing part of CNN and he will certainly be missed.

Miles was so under used for a while at CNN and over the last few months every time I would see Miles on the air I was excited.

Miles, I only wish you much success in the future. Hope you move on to bigger and better things. Thank you for your remarks and all your hard work over the years.

I think it was such a horrible decision on CNN’s part to downsize their Space, Science & Technology unit. Some of CNN’s best stuff comes from this department.

Tedi B said...

CNN has always been my favorite news network, not only because I believe they try to be fair but because they provide us with great reports and documentaries like Planet in Peril and Jonestown etc.

However, CNN drop the ball on this. Letting Miles go and also Aaron Brown is such CRAP! I enjoy the intelligent and even-keeled way that both Miles and Aaron reported the news. It's a shame that CNN doesn't recognize that the public need people like Miles and not just Lou Dobbs and some of the other overly zealous types. I respect them all but there needs to be a place for anchors like Miles and Aaron. Too bad CNN can't see that!

I wish you well, Miles, and will be happy to watch you wherever you land!

Lois said...

This is truly depressing news -- he's the guy I always went to and watched for coverage of the shuttle missions -- he's just as enthused (and obsessed! LOL) as I am! Sure hope to catch you wherever you might land to next!


Mavis said...

I used to love to wake up with Miles and Solodad. They were like friends.
The quality of American Morning just hasn't been the same.

I always knew when a science question came up, it would be answered by a scientist. Not someone pretending to be one.

I hope Miles goes on to another high profile place so we won't loose our friend.

Pati Mc said...

This is horribly upsetting news.

Dear Miles! I woke up to his face on the TV for years and in spite of the fact that I love John Roberts, I have soreely missed Miles. He is quiet and reflective, and funny when it is warranted.

Having grown up around aviation, I have always appreciated his inspired reporting on the subject. Flying gets into your blood, and it is so obviously a passion in Miles. I truly cannot believe that CNN is letting him go.

God Bless You Miles and Godspeed. Surely I will catch you wherever you land. All The best and thanks for all of your hard work over the years. I shall remember it always.


Pati Mc

Cyn said...

At a time when this country is about to finally get serious about the environmental crisis and the need for alternatives to our oil dependence, any network that wants to be a news leader needs a strong science/tech component -- including a reporter who is smart enough to know how to convey the information to the audience. Having that person also be as enthusiastic as Miles is was a real bonus for CNN.

All media outlets (all businesses, period) are making cutbacks right now; but if they are not done with an eye to the future as well as the bottom line, they will cost more than they save. CNN keeps reporters on the entertainment beat, despite having other sources they could pull from for that "news." Look at how many people they have on the economy -- an area that currently needs every one of them to keep up with the mess we are in.

Well, the science beat is going to be a lot more than PiP docs. It is crucial for the survival of our planet and the renewing of our economy. The future of this country will be in our ability to discover and adapt to new technologies for fuels, medicines, communications, travel, intelligence-gathering, fighting crime and fighting wars. Every aspect of our lives will be touched by new technologies.

I'm willing to give CNN the benefit of the doubt and assume this was not a decision made lightly, but shuttering a division like this is the easy way to go, rather than finding ways to slice the same amount of revenue out of several different areas.

Miles is a class act, and I wish him well wherever he goes next. Like many of us, I will be following his work with great interest. His enthusiasm and intelligence will be sorely missed.

Thank you, Miles.

ACAnderFan said...

It's so sad that Miles will no longer be with CNN. I realy liked seeing him on CNN. He had to be the most under used person there. It's ashame someone who is so talented won't be contributing to CNN anymore.

Miles, best of luck to you in everything you do. You're a FANTASTIC reporter and very smart. You'll go on to bigger and better things!

jodi54 said...

You all have expressed my sentiments much better than I could - especially Cyn.

I find this development wholly intolerable and it has definitely lowered CNN's esteem in my eyes.

MWmcFan said...

I will truly miss the science coverage Miles did. I loved his enthusiasm and knowledge in his reports. He is a wonderful talent, I hope we will see him on air elsewhere.
Wishing you all the best Miles.

Viewer in Virginia said...

Dear Miles,
as a fellow space geek since the beginning of the space program, I always, always loved seeing you on CNN explaining things I already knew but putting another layer on it that made the science more interesting. And knowing you were getting it right for the newbies who didn't have our background.
I will miss your enthusiasm, knowledge and love of the subject--fair winds and a star to steer by!
Shannon Adams, Charlottesville, VA

Anonymous said...

So that idiot DL Hughley gets a prime time slot,and they let someone like Miles go??

Something is seriously wrong with this picture!

Their ''new talent'' and I use that very loosely,does not cut it.

The most trusted name in news??

Huh,I think not.

Wake up CNN!We prefer the ''real'' journalists,not the newbies!

DyNama said...

cnn has always been my favorite news source but they have gone downhill over the past several years and i don't watch half as much cnn and hln as i used to.

the departures of miles and aaron brown, daniel seaberg, daryn kagen, rudi bakhtiar, and many more was bad enuf but to replace them with glenn beck, nancy grace, lou dobbs, entertainment tonite, and mike galanos says to me cnn isn't serious about news any more. they just want to outfox fox :-(

good luck, miles, wherever you end up...perhaps on pbs, where you can really show your stuff!

Anonymous said...

My channel-surfing always ended when his face appeared on the screen because of the certainty that I reached a channel/News Anchor that would supply me with the information and news which was truly necessary and interesting to me.

It was such an elation to discover an anchorman w/talent to clarify and elucidate on space/science, which some find too perplexing and confounded to elaborate on; and likewise, tune-in to and follow.

It's a sad day when space and science are slighted in the news industry, as well as the most talented anchorman on the CNN network.

Best Wishes and w/sorrow,

René Allessio

P.S....Correct me if I'm wrong, but I vaguely recall watching a PBS documentary which was narrated by Miles O'Brien a few years ago....Oui?