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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Monday Look at Things

Jill Dougherty is currently covering the bureau in Baghdad, which means updating the case of the shoe-thrower. Jill picked up the saga as of Wednesday:

And another update this afternoon:

Elsewhere, Christiane Amanpour was in the studio to discuss the Russian warships in Cuba:

Saturday I posted the update that Arwa Damon did about Youssif, the young boy from Baghdad who was so horribly burned by assailants. Yesterday Arwa's piece ran again, and she was in the New York studio to talk about it:

And finally, one last piece that Michael Ware prepared prior to leaving Baghdad for the holidays: a look at the war in Iraq that soon-to-be President Obama will inherit. This piece has not yet run on Domestic, but aired frequently on International last week. Hopefully the US audience will soon get a chance to see it as well:

From the frozen Pacific Northwest, I hope everyone has a Happy Hanukkah and/or a Merry Christmas! See you this weekend, if the snow and ice gives us a break up here!

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