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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tears & Surprises recently spoke with D.L. Hugley about his new program on CNN. Here's an excerpt from the article:

CNN has had a new weekend talk show host since October, and he's ... a stand-up comedian? "D.L. Hughley Breaks the News" offers a take on the week's events in politics, entertainment, sports and pop culture. Hughley acknowledges the union may be "an unholy alliance," but sees it this way: "If CNN can have Nancy Grace, they can have me, too."

You and CNN - as if the line separating news and entertainment wasn't already murky enough?

The news has always informed what I talk about. My gig hasn't changed. News has been inundated with entertainment elements since O.J. So to even now pretend that news and entertainment haven't meshed is disingenuous.

You were taken by surprise when former White House rep Scott McClellan came on and endorsed Barack Obama. What else has caught you off guard?

Al Sharpton and I haven't seen eye to eye on a lot of things, and I was shocked at how different he was than I always imagined he would be. I've misjudged his motives. I always thought he was just doing what he does because he wanted attention. The more I talk to him, the more I realize that - however sometimes misguided he can be - he does what he does because he wants to make things better.

The "Original Kings of Comedy" tour and subsequent film were career milestones. How were you influenced by Bernie Mac?

Bernie taught me that the hardest thing for a black man to do was to be an individual. I have to tell myself that often, and whenever I think it, I have to think about him. Comedically, he was uncompromising. Right before he passed, he was at a charity event for Obama and said something that involved color, and people got irritated. That's how he was - an individual.

There's been this exhalation since the elections, at least in New York. Is there a particular pressure not to pounce on Barack Obama?

He'll do things that people find ironic and funny, and when he does, they should attack. For me, those things happen organically. Sooner or later, he'll be a politician - he'll do something that I think is ironic, or very human - and when he does, I'll be there.

Have you met Anderson Cooper yet? He's spread kind of thin, no?

Anderson Cooper is CNN's Ryan Seacrest.

Candy Crowley interviewed the President in the Oval Office this week. What could the President do that would throw Candy off balance? She talked about the interview on No Bias, No Bull with Campbell Brown.

Part 1:

Part 2:

What could bring Christine Romans to tears on Your $$$$$? On Saturday's program Ryan Mack discussed investment options for 2009 and then things got personal. Luckily, Ali Velshi was there to keep the program going.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fine CNN folks like Miles O Brien are being let go, or ''moving on'',along with many other names who were listed recently.

Yet that 'so called' comedian gets a primetime Saturday slot??

That is the stupidest decision yet,among hundreds of others they are making day in and day out lately, so maybe it is time for KLEIN to go!

What is WITH these people?

Maybe they should get off their koolaid and wake up,before they lose what little viewers may be left-instead of their constant tunnel vision in thinking we STILL want all the politics.

The election ended already,get on with it,like some REAL news!

Someone actually had the nerve to write about all the political coverage one night this past summer,over at the AC360 Live Blog,and all he got for it was a holier than thou reply from Mr.Cooper himself,saying this is what people wanted,and the ratings reflected that.

Oh really?Could have fooled me with that one!

So even HE thinks we want this endless stuff,even now,does he?

Well the election is OVER,so someone should inform all the ''panel people''.

No wonder his ratings go down,but this was the same man who once never cared about ratings much,was it not?

Who cared about giving all the angles,and who said we must never forget places like NOLA,the Gulf Coast,and what happened there?

Seems like SOMEONE needs to keep themselves honest.

Obviously the feedback is never read,so why even have a link for sending it at all,they do not care what viewers want to see.

They are no longer the most trusted name in news!