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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ratings At A Glance

One quick video clip before we get to the Ratings tonight... from yesterday's The Situation Room. John King and Wolf Blitzer discussed some of the changes that are planned for Sunday morning on CNN next year.

Ratings for the week DECEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 5, 2008

Campbell Brown No Bias No Bull CNN
Adults 25-54
Larry King CNN December 5, 2008
Adults 25-54
CNN381,750 1
Anderson Cooper AC360 CNN
Adults 25-54
CNN405,750 1

FOX had the highest average ratings for the week in the Adults 25 - 54 demographic during the 8PM and 9PM hours. During the 10PM hour, they came in second. For each time slot on all five days, they ranked either first or second except on Thursday night at 10PM when they came in third behind CNN and Headline News. (Yes, HLN's Nancy Grace repeat had more viewers in the demographic than FOX's On The Record.)

CNN's averages for the week put them in fourth place during the 8PM hour. At 9PM, they were consistently in third all four nights that Larry King Live aired. CNN had the highest average in the demographics based on the four nights that AC360 aired during the 10PM hour.

During the 8PM and 9PM hours, MSNBC was consistently in either first or second in the Adults 25 - 54 demographic. The average of the week put them in second behind FOX during both time slots. They didn't fair as well during the 10PM, where they fall to fourth behind HLN.

CNN Scream Bloody Murder December 4, 2008

On December 4, 2008, CNN aired CNN Presents: Scream Bloody Murder during the 9PM and 10PM hours. Over the average of the two hours, the program came in second in both Adults 25 - 54 and total viewers.

December 4, 2008
9PM - 11PM
Adults 25 - 54
Total Viewers

1 4 day average. Thursday CNN aired CNN Presents: Scream Bloody Murder from 9PM - 11PM ET.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

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