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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Highlights From The Last Word in Sunday Talk

Sanjay Gupta CNN Reliable Sources January 11, 2009 fire eating

On Reliable Sources this morning, Howard Kurtz moderated a panel discussion with Frank Sesno, Mark Feldstein, and Alicia Shepard regarding the coverage of Sanjay Gupta being named as a possible candidate for Surgeon General. The panel had mixed reviews regarding CNN’s handling of the news:

Kurtz also spoke with Jessi Klein about her crush on CNN commentator David Gergen.

Wolf Blitzer CNN Late Edition January 11, 2009

Today was the final Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer. The last word in Sunday talk wrapped up its 15 year history with a strong program. Among the interviews that aired today was one that Wolf did with Vice President Cheney. They discussed the economy, foreign policy (Gaza, Afghanistan, & Iraq), 9/11, and torture. The VP reflected on his career in DC and also offered some advice to the incoming VP.

Wolf asked the VP whether he thought this was the worst economy that we’ve seen since the Depression. Here’s a clip from his response and Wolf’s follow up comment about his own family:

The next interview on the program was with Speaker Pelosi. The economy, the bail out package, the new administration, and a possible stimulus package were discussed. The Speaker also commented on this being Wolf’s last Late Edition:

Over the last several weeks, a segment with Campbell Brown has become a regular part of Late Edition. This week, Wolf and Campbell discussed Obama’s speech regarding the economy.

And what is any Sunday without the Best Political Team on Television? The first panel: James Carville, David Gergen, & Tara Wall. Wolf continued the discussion about the economy and reported job loses as well as whether the Republicans and Democrats can work together to solve the country’s problems. The panel also discussed Govs. Palin and Blagojevich and the meeting of the Presidents (current, past, and President-elect).

The second discussion panel: John King, Candy Crowley, and Gloria Borger. The panel focused on the transition of power to the new administration and how the administration will work with Congress.

John King CNN State of the Union January 18, 2009

They also discussed the transition from Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer to the State of the Union with John King:

The State of the Union with John King debuts next Sunday, January 18th at 9AM. They’ll be broadcasting from the Newseum in Washington, D.C. and the first program will be focused on the President-Elect Obama’s inauguration.

The final clip tonight is of Wolf’s final sign off as anchor of Late Edition. In typical Blitzer style, he thanked the team of professionals that have put the program on air week after week for the past 15 years.

Sunday mornings won’t be the same without Wolf and Late Edition, but I’m looking forward to seeing John King’s new program. Plus, Wolf isn't going anywhere, we can still see him Monday - Friday at 4PM on The Situation Room.

If you missed CNN this morning, podcasts of the both of the programs are available: Reliable Sources and Late Edition.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Wolf and John King. I just thought
to give you guys a remarkable moment that
happened on CNN live with Don Lemon. In the
6pm hour Don and a producer focused
on a man who had worked in the fields of Ms
for 72 years and was retiring. It was a remarkable
piece of journalism. Let's hope we see more of
this type story telling on CNN. The reason the
story was brought to light was due to the
producer's family. It turns out that is great
grandfather was the one to hire the gentleman
at age 6 to work in the fields. During the segment
the producer became real emotional. It was just
one of those wow moments. That is one of the
things I like about Don Lemon, he does not mind
putting the spotlight on others.

Rodrigo said...

Im going to miss Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, but I think CNN International will also broadcast "State of the Union", right?

Lulu said...

I know that this is late, but I have to say that I am so thrilled that John King is getting his own show. Thrilled, but not surprised. He did such a great job during the campaign, not to mention whenever he fills in for Wolf or Anderson Cooper, I had a feeling that CNN was going to do something with him. I can't wait to see the new show. Although, like Rodrigo, I'll miss Late Edition too. It will be a little strange not seeing Wolf on the weekend.