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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ten days to go...

With just ten days to go until Inauguration, I thought I would post some of this week's videos focusing on the next president and the plans for next week.

First up is a discussion from American Morning -- Kiran Chetry talks to a psychologist about how Obama's childhood and blended family influenced him and mirrors the new reality of American life:

This has to be the coolest thing ever... okay, if you're a comic book geek, anyway! Obama stars in the next issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. Alina Cho reports:

Jeanne Meserve on recreating a famous train trip. I imagine the Secret Service damn near fainted when this was proposed, but as always, they saluted sharply and figured out a way to make it happen. (They don't get an iota of the credit they deserve.) This will be something that every person who is fortunate enough to see will remember their entire life:

(Fredricka Whitfield mentioned yesterday that her father, one of the Tuskegee Airmen, will be attending the Inauguration. This is the first time the remaining Airmen have been personally invited.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, here's something you don't see every day: from BackStory, Nic Robertson gives us a look at how the reporters are trying to stay warm on the cold hillside in Israel where they have been watching the Gaza border. Anderson Cooper makes a cameo a blanket. (Thanks to Délie for the clip!)

BkS 01/09 Cold night in Sderot
Uploaded by Delie31

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Betty Nguyen and Ron Marciano anchored Saturday Morning and Newsroom from 7am through 11am; Fredricka Whitfield anchored from noon until 4pm; Don Lemon anchored at 5 and 6pm; at 7pm, Domestic took the International feed, with Jim Clancy anchoring; at 9pm Wolf Blitzer hosted a special edition of Larry King Live, then Don was back for 10 and 11pm. Christiane Amanpour is in Jerusalem; Nic Robertson, Paula Hancocks, and Ben Wedeman are at the Israel/Gaza border; Karl Penhaul is at the Egypt/Gaza border.

SUNDAY: At midnight the International feed was back on, with Hala Gorani anchoring until 4am when Rosemary Church took over until 6am; Betty and Rob anchored at 6 and 7am, Fredricka at 4 and 5pm, and Don at 6, 7, and 10pm.

MONDAY: Rob was in for John Roberts; Anderson Cooper was at the Israel/Gaza border (above).

TUESDAY: Candy Crowley is back in DC; Cal Perry was in Damascus, Syria; Dr. Sanjay Gupta was in the headlines as nominee for Surgeon General.

WEDNESDAY: John King and Candy were both in The Situation Room; Anderson was back in New York.

THURSDAY: Cal was in Beirut; Ed Henry was in Fairfax, Virginia for the Obama speech; Wolf was in Los Angeles to dance with Ellen DeGeneres.

FRIDAY: Wolf was back in Washington.

That's it for me today... hope everyone is keeping safe, keeping warm, and keeping their New year's resolutions!

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ACAnderFan said...

Aww...Anderson wraped up in a blanket. How cute!

Poor Nic Robertson and his crew. I hope they're able to stay warm. They look like they could use a nice warm cup of hot chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Wow CNN I has some of the coolest programs
on the planet. Wolf was not too bad. I get the
feeling back in the day Wolf could hang with
the best of them.

Lynda the Guppy said...

GuppyGeek reporting in! LOL Ordering my copy of The Amazing Spider Man now! That looks very cute.