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Friday, January 9, 2009

Low Dancing Wolf

Its been one of those nights where I just have too much to put into one post. I'm afraid one of these days, you'll be seeing the left overs. This is what made the final cut:

I was reading about this weekend's News To Me:

One Man's Quest for "Real Change"

His name is Ed Port Ed Needs a Miracle and he has "neurofibromatosis", a rare genetic disorder characterized most notably by benign tumors that, in his case, have disfigured his face. His good friend Michael Murphy, is an artist who is using his talents to find Ed some help. It's a touching story, but a happy ending may depend on you or someone you know. Watch, be moved, and see how you may be able to help!

New Year's Eve Fire at Bangkok Club

It was supposed to be a happy celebration, ringing in 2009. But as one iReporter described it, it was absolute pandemonium! The sirens were wailing as people streamed out of the club, screaming and crying, some were badly burned! It was an inferno that happened in just minutes! We are on the scene with the images and stories provided by you.

Life Under the Big Top!

You know at one time or another every child has dreamt of running off to join the circus... but for one woman, that dream turned reality almost killed her! Kate Meinhardt bloggedKate's Circus Life about her years on the road working with animals and we talked to her about what she calls, "the coolest job in the world!"

The Ed Needs a Miracle report sounds like it is going to provide yet another example of why our health care system just might need an overhaul.

News To Me was at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Host Eric Lanford provided a behind the scenes look:

There's more about their week on the News To Me Blog.

News to Me airs on HLN on Saturday and Sunday nights at 7:30PM, 9:30PM, and 12:30AM ET.

If you don't have access to HLN (check your local listings to make sure), you can check the News To Me website where they post some of their archived stories.

The Situation Room on Friday afternoon was a real treat! Remember when Ellen Degeneres asked Wolf Blitzer to come on her show? If you need a refresher on the back and forth between the two shows, here are our prior posts.

Well.... Wolf taped his appearance on Ellen Thursday night and had clips to share today on The Situation Room. And YES, he danced!

Jack Cafferty may have a point there.

There's more, just like Wolf said. Here's the second clip:

Wolf's going to leave Anderson Cooper out in the cold!

And one more.... Wolf continued his discussion on the appearance with his panel: Gloria Borger, Steve Hayes, and Candy Crowley.

At the end of that clip, Wolf asked Jack Cafferty about his new book which is expected to be released in March. The title of the new book is: Now or Never: Getting Down to the Business of Saving Our American Dream

You can watch Wolf on Ellen on Monday, January 12th.

Just a reminder: Sunday will be the last day that Wolf anchors Late Edition- 11AM ET.

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Rodrigo said...

That was really funny!

Lulu said...

Ah, I can always count on Jack Cafferty to put it as only he can! People always say Wolf is a stiff, but he just proved otherwise. I always knew he had a good sense of humor. He shows it a bit on The Situation Room. And the Ellen appearance is great! Well, if any other CNN anchors appear on Ellen, they will HAVE to dance!