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Monday, January 19, 2009

Out with the old...

Since everyone is focused on the DC coverage today, just some quick clips from I wanted to highlight:

Stan Grant, now back in Abu Dhabi, interviews an Iraqi man who escaped from Saddam's army and now worries about Iranian influence taking over his former home:

Jeanne Meserve looks at the countermeasures being taken by the Secret Service sniper team:

Here's something I bet you never thought of -- Zain Verjee compares the preparations for Inauguration Day with the Hajj in Mecca:

And on Sunday's GPS, Fareed Zakaria spoke about what he believes was President Bush's biggest blunder. There are a lot to chose from, in my opinion, and I would not have thought of this one, but he makes a persuasive case:

That's all for today... back to the party! Boy, we have earned this one!

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