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Sunday, January 18, 2009

First and Last Word in Sunday Talk

John King's new Sunday morning program, State of the Union with John King, debuted at 9 AM ET broadcasting from the roof of the Newseum. Here is the opening of the first program:

The program was book ended by senior advisors- the first guest, a senior advisor to the President Elect, David Axelrod.

Clips from John King's interview with the President Elect was aired during the first hour. Here are a few highlights:

Extraordinary personal moment

Obama on health care reform

Obama on family life

The first panel discussion of the program included James Carville and Bill Bennett to discuss Obama's transition and inauguration.

Their discussion was interupted by coverage of the President Elect and Vice President Elect placing a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetary.

King made a promise to take the program out of Washington and report on the impact of the policies and politics on the rest of the country. One of those reports came from Greenwood, South Carolina on Edith Childs and how she became part of Obama's journey.

Updated: CNN has posted John King's interview with Edith Childs to their website. Here's the clip:

The second hour King welcomed Howard Kurtz to the program. Kurtz will continue to do Reliable Sources during the 10AM hour. I don't think that Kurtz appreciated being stuck out on the roof on a cold morning in the middle of January. He mentioned how cold he was every chance he got.

John King was back for the third hour with another panel: Donna Brazile, David Gergen, and Alex Castellanos. King tried (and failed) to talk Donna out of her ticket to the inauguration. He then went to a story about a 14 year old living in Hanover, Maryland who is getting to attend the inauguration, Melvin Thomas. (This may have been my favorite part of the four hour program.

While King was in Bedford, Ohio (the location of his interview with President Elect Obama), he had breakfast with a group of people in a coffee shop and discussed what Obama becoming president means to them.

Of course, the Best Political Team On Televion is going to be part of the program and what King referred to as the first "senior moment": Soledad O'Brien, Ed Henry (Senior White House correspondent), Dana Bash (Senior Congressional Correspondent), and Candy Crowley (Senior Political Correspondent). By this time, we're coming up on the end of the third hour, so they started to take a look at some of the comments that had been made on the other Sunday morning programs ("so you don't have to").

The fourth hour of the program re-aired parts of King's interview with the President Elect and his interview with David Axelrod.

Much like the program that preceeded it, State of the Union is the last word in Sunday talk as John King pointed out:

You know, this morning, 37 news makers, analysts and reporters hit the Sunday morning talk show circuit, but only one man gets the last word. That man is with us now. He's Ed Gillespie who for two more days will serve as the White House counselor to President George W. Bush.

Gloria Borger joined the discussion with King and Gillespie. They discussed the final moments of the Bush Presidency.

And that was the first four hours of The State of the Union with John King. King is coming back on Sunday night at 8PM ET to do another hour.

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ctl said...

Edith Childs is right. Blacks have been invisible.

Irrespective of how Barack Obama succeeds with the economy, he has inspired everyone and will continue to do so, because of his work ethic. When I wanted to go to veterinary school, I was told in 1968, "nice credentials but you should marry one." That was the issue of the 1960s for those women who wanted a "man's" job. Then, after 17 interviews and 10 years, I was asked at my interview at Tuskegee Institute, when was I going to stop applying? I replied, "When I am pushing up daisies or I get a letter of acceptance." I got that letter.

In 1982, I graduated, but none of us could find jobs. As Edith Childs said, blacks were still invisible. So, I moved to Canada, where I reside today. I'm now proud to be a citizen of both....a citizen of the world. However, NOW, in the USA we have finally likely largely gotten past that hurdle. Blacks are now VISIBLE. And, as a result, all races are visible. This is the best thing that can help the USA recover. Now, I'm in a wheelchair, trying to find work. So, it's not all issues are completely resolved but, I trust, Barack Obama's paving the way, and with the united effort, people will solve this issue as well.

I absolutely am bursting with pride. I feel as if my race has finally accomplished what was should always have been.....I'm white, by the way. Really.

Barack Obama earned the trust of folks because he is well educated and poised and he will set the example for all kids now....and this is something the younger generation can now explain to their grandparents. The USA has crossed a BIG hurdle by choosing the best man for the job. He will be able to pull us together to solve this and make us united in a way that hasn't existed before.

Thank you for interviewing Edith Childs.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, post the video of your interview with Edith Childs and the city of Greenwood, SC. I am from Greenwood and would love to share this with everyone I know. Thank you for your coverage of this story.

BookAsylum said...

@anon 5:56pm: I've updated the post with a link to the interview with Edith Childs. CNN posted it to their website earlier today.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr King,

We watched your program on sunday, Feb 15 and were very dissappointed. You asked questions to various Republicans about the bill in such a negative way. Where is your objectivity and I wish you would have opposite sides discussing issues as Blitzer did. I know that you are new at this and hope you improve.

Ina and sid Kraus