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Monday, March 16, 2009

The latest news about Iran/Iraq, Pakistan, and Mexico

Nic Robertson reported this morning that an Iranian drone was shot down over Iraq a couple weeks ago. Certainly makes you wonder exactly what (or who) they were spying on...:

Stan Grant reported from Islamabad about the anti-government protests going on in Lahore:

Saturday, Fredericka Whitfield spoke to Michael Ware about the situation with the Mexican drug cartels as she prepared to host an hour-long discussion on the topic:

Michael was one of the participants on the panel, and addressed questions on whether it is safe for Americans to travel to the country:

Later in the day, Don Lemon spoke to Michael about the latest recording from Osama bin Laden:

That's it for me, have a great week...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why can't we get ANY news like this from AC360 anymore?
Would it be too much to interrupt the whole Oprah/Rihanna/Octumom/Anna Nicole crap to bring us some REAL happenings for a change?We can see those things over at Showbiz Tonight,if we wanted(which I don't ).
Have they forgotten how,they used to do it once upon a time,from all over the world,or as they say from all the angles.What happened to that idea?
Now we get panels over and over, night afer night,debating the life out of everything.In other words,same old,same old.Could we please cut down on them?
Can someone also remind them the election ended in November?They seem to not be able to let go of that fact,or do not know what to do with themselves since it ended.
No wonder ratings suck.