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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ratings At A Glance- Weeks of March 2, 2009 & March 9, 2009

Ratings for the weeks March 2, 2009 - March 6, 2009

Adults 25-54
9 - 13
2 - 6
Adults 25-54
9 - 13
2 - 6
Adults 25-54
9 - 13
2 - 6

FOX won every hour of prime time demographic ratings between 8PM and 10PM during the weeks of March 2nd and March 9th. CNN came in fourth at 8PM, third at 9PM and second at 10PM during both weeks. Both the 9PM and 10PM hours bounced between second, third, and fourth places last week. MSNBC at 8PM during the week of March 2nd came in second place and third place the week of March 9th. MSNBC landed in second place at 9PM and fourth place at 10PM both weeks. For the week of March 2nd, HLN came in third place during the 8PM hour and during the week of March 9th came in second place. Over both weeks, HLN was fourth at 9PM and third at 10PM.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Nancy Grace and Showbiz are topping
MSNBC too bad that makes things worse for
CNN.TV By The Numbers has the ratings for
the first day of Road to the Rescue and it is
not pretty, Things got off to a bad start with
American Morning.I have no words for No
Bias, but the show needs to be on a fast track
to retirement. CNN needs to stop it with the
people are angry and it is your money. Can
somebody please tell me why was Dr Phil on
360 last night and if the economy is such an
important issue how come Anderson Cooper
was not live for the full two hours. Jon Klein
bad better shake things up soon because the
hole is getting deeper and deeper.I just hope
he has something new by April because March
is going to be ugly when it comes to ratings.
Also, how long will it take them to realize the
panels need to be over with like now.

Anonymous said...

Judging for those numbers viewers didn't
seem to care for CNN's AIG coverage. I think
people are starting to tune the news out.

Anonymous said...

CNN is trying to change things but it will take time.
They are using viewers calls which is great because
that expands viewer participation.Twitter,Facebook
and blogs are good tools but you take your cell
phone everywhere. You do not always have a
wireless internet connection.By the way CNN MSNBC
and FNC thanks you for giving them a huge weak
spots with Rick Sanchez, Campbell Brown and Lou
Dobbs, and Kiran Chetry, Stay tuned here comes
the shakeup. Where is Erica Hill? I wonder if she
is working on a new show that will be airing on
CNN really soon.

Anonymous said...

I just do not get it,why is no one even attempting to fix this crappy network?
Is there not enough going on to warrant a two hour AC360 these days,and,could we please lose the celebrity crap there?I am disappointed in this 'road trip' so far.
I am so sick and tired of those stupid panels,someone should remind them the election is over now,and they need to go away till 2012,enough of these people already.
Is everyone asleep at CNN,and sees none of the problems?Or are they just continuing on like nothing is wrong,in a deep denial?
Oh,and just a foolish thought for the folks over at AC360:
why not lose those same old faces night after night and give us....wait for it...some INTERNATIONAL NEWS?
Do you even know what that is anymore?Go back to the shows when you USED to know what that was!

Pati Mc said...

Anon 9:59Aam - May I respectfully ask why you watch CNN/360 if you despise it so much?

Three words for you: Change. The. Channel.

Somehow I feel you may be happier.

Best to you!

I,on the other hand, was pleased to see that Anderson was at least back up in 2nd place.

Anonymous said...

I was just on TV by the Numbers.So far this week
things look bad for CNN.I have to say the major
problem with CNN is too many rants and talk that
is just a plain waste of time. I can go online and
find 30 or more stories that could be on CNN in
prime time. Why are countless hours devoted to
the same thing over and over again?

CNN needs some major league fixing. I just
hope someone at CNN is working on a whole
new slate of programs. Rick Sanchez has got
to go. I think he is the reason CNN went to
the single anchor format and that is definitely
not working. Titles that need to be dropped
like a bad habit are American Morning and
No Bias, No Bull, they are buzz words that
people are not watching. Do something with
TSR. Change all of the programs from 7-10.
No more Dobbs or Brown.Finally,quit ruining
360. You have got to give each show it's own
identity and say goodbye to the panels.
i say have Larry King do specials. His show is
just slow and boring with guest I could care
less about.We are at a crucial point. Things
are starting to affect 360. Anderson can not
make up for almost a full day of programming

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to stop throwing around the word
experts. Pundits are not experts on anything
but bull. I think people know the so-called
outrage over AIG being portrayed by the media
is fake. That is why nobody is getting a ratings
spike.Do they really think the public believes for
one second that the phony outrage from news
types and politicos are real. Please don't insult
people's intelligence. One measurement I like
to use to find out what people are talking about
is Google. Guess what AIG is not even in the
top 100.

Anonymous said...

CNN's coverage of the Obama administration
is petty and I think that is the ratings problem.
The only thing Ed Henry ever says is that it is
always a problem for President Obama. They
need to really do some actual reporting and
stop with the Obama should do this and that
mess. Thank goodness he is too smart to
listen to the chattering class.CNN needs to
start really putting things into perspective
and knock off the American people are out-
raged crap.CNN just does not get it these
days, Obama is making the MSM irrelevant.
He goes directly to the people and CNN is
clueless as to how to cover President Obama.
Please can we get some intelligent discussions
and less opinion. For the last 2 days he has
taken questions directly from the average
citizens , taking questions from people who
can ask him anything. I see nothing wrong
with a President facing the American public.
I want to see Candy Crowley cover the White
House she has the gift to put things in simple
and understandable terms and will stick to
the facts. i really miss her on 360. Way too
many times CNN is being called out all over
the web for being fast and loose with the
truth and at times just making stuff up.
Take a look at the ratings on the day of
the AIG testimony the ratings were not that
great. Can someone take a hint ?

Anonymous said...

Whoa. It is going really bad for CNN. They are
looking to be # 4 in the demo for the month
of March according to INC and TVN. CNN has
managed to put some of the most annoying
and boring people anchoring.TSR does not
seem to be doing too well. Hardball is on
track to eventually top Dobbs. Countdown is
starting to beat Campbell about 2:1. Larry
King can not even get decent guests these
days and Anderson has to make up for hours
of crappy shows. The most urgent task right
now is for CNN to fix the 7,8 and 9 pm hours
to stop the bleeding. Then they had better fix
TSR, even Jack is that great these days.The
morning show and dayside. Try Roberts,
Hill, Holmes, Cooper and Conor Knighton if
CNN can lure him and others from Current.
CNN needs a major league overhaul by April.
I for the life of me can not figure out why
go with Dobbs and Brown. They bring nothing
to be table and are no major talents that can
bring in huge numbers of viewers.Nobody
cares about Rush Limbaugh. Dick Cheney
or Mitt Romney.Get a clue and drop the
talking heads.

Laurie Beth said...

BA, thanks for the information! It is very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This is a big week for CNN.It is the last week
of ratings for the month of March.IMO CNN
has gone overboard with the AIG story. CNN's
reporting is laughable and not insightful at all.
My guess is they thing this is bigger than it is
because they think that talk radio and political
blogs tell you how people view the situation.
We are a nation of 300 mil plus.It is not certain
that the bonus provision that was not in the
stimulus would have prevented the bonuses.
Millions had already been given out the first
round. There is too much gotcha journalism
with CNN when it comes to AIG. They are
always taking about people calling for Geithner
to resign, but failing to mention it is coming
from people who don't like him to start with.
CNN is going overboard with AIG. The bonuses
were some 200 million. That's nothing compared
to the billions being handed out by the Federal
Reserve, and guess what Bernanke does not
have to say were the money is going because
the Fed has to run independently. Yes Geithner
and President Obama have to be asked about
their handling of the situation. One big problem
CNN seems to have these days is it seems to
be covering the news form a paparazzi mindset.
One thing I am picking up on is there is a
viewer backlash against CNN. It seems a lot
of people think CNN seems to be to close to
the Republicans and using the GOP talking points
and not asking them tough questions.It is simple
CNN troubles began when they decided to let
Rush Limbaugh go live on the network for 90
minutes of Obama bashing.CNN needs to realize
they are not the only source of news these days
and people will tune you out if they do not like
what they are seeing. If they keep up I am joining
the tune out with the exception of AC360.
Current will be my network of choice because
they just show how things are going with AIG
and do not have annoying talk radio hosts and
bloggers making dumb comments about stories.
Who made the decision to put radio talk show
hosts and bloggers on to talk about AIG is
wrong and bad journalism. Putting people on
the air who are not journalists and fast and
loose with the truth is a disservice to viewers.
I will follow AIG on Bloomberg since CNN has
gone down a sleazy journalism road with it's
coverage. Just look at the ratings show far
for this week, the numbers are trending
down and they might even be trailing MSNBC
in viewers. There is also something important
IMO when it comes to any discussion about
AIG and that is the board who approved these
bonuses. People do not just walk in and start
handing out money there is a process.CNN
might be consumed with AIG but I am not
sure the American public is, in fact I would
be people would tell the press move on. i
willing to say that CNN's ratings will be in
the toilet this weekend.

Anonymous said...

How about letting Lou Dobbs and Wolf Blitzer out to pasture? Lou hasn't really introduced anything new since I first saw him years ago. Wolf Blitzer's voice is very hard and boring to listen to.

Anonymous said...

It look as though CNN will be number 4 in the
demo for the month of March.I just hope that
the bosses realize there is a problem. When will
CNN get it. The last thing people want to see on
tv news right now is the blah blah blah talking
heads. That is what happens when you have lazy
journalists who just listen to talk radio and visit
political blogs.CNN has managed to convince
itself that there is this populist rage. It is a shame
when CNN's starts to buy the daily bull from Lou
Dobbs. This note about Campbell Brown. She
should never have ben permitted to do anything
political considering her husband was the
spokesman in Iraq for the Bush administration.
There is no way she could be objective and it
shows. Wolf it not that bad, The Sit Room just
does not need to be 3 hours. Also, Rick Sanchez
is turning CNN into a laughing stock. He is one
of those people who should never be on a
national news program period. I am wondering
if Jon Klein will make some changes next month.
The lineup can not stay the same.