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Monday, March 23, 2009

Moving Forward

Christiane Amanpour is back in Afghanistan, and yesterday spoke with John King about President Obama's video message to the leadership of Iran:

Nic Robertson filed a report from Baghdad about the increase in funerals -- which sounds like a bad thing in that war-weary capital, but actually is not:

Reza Sayah is back in Islamabad and reported on what seems to be the end of the protests over the delay in reinstating the Chief Judge seventeen months after he was fired by then-President Musharraf:

On Saturday's "best of" edition of The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer spoke with actor Gary Sinese about a new documentary titled "Brothers at War," about two brothers serving in Iraq and why their older brother embedded with their unit in order to find out why they chose to serve:

This morning, Michael Ware spoke with Kiran Chetry about the situation in Mexico and the parallels to Prohibition:

That's it for me this week!

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