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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ratings At A Glance- Week of March 16, 2009

Ratings for the week MARCH 16, 2009 - MARCH 20, 2009

Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54

More of the same for this week, FOX swept the demo in all five days of prime time slots. Everyone else takes their turn in fourth place: CNN at 8pm, HLN at 9pm, and MSNBC at 10pm. Second place for the week was split between MSNBC (8pm and 9pm) and CNN (10pm). Third place was shared by CNN (9pm) and HLN (8pm and 10pm).

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

Two ratings related article to pass along to you tonight - this one from

More evidence that CNN is going to have to find a new strategy fast or risk becoming a cable news also-ran: In the month of March so far, the Time Warner-owned network has come in fourth place in prime time among adults 25 to 54, the key demographic for advertisers, more often than not.

Through March 17, CNN trailed not only Fox News and MSNBC but also its own sister network, Headline News, on nine out of 17 days. On one day, March 13, CNN even drew fewer 25-to-54 viewers than CNBC -- the first time that's happened since November 2007. And of the eight days it finished higher than fourth in the demo, five were either Saturdays or Sundays, typically the lowest rated nights for the news networks.

Asked about the trend, a CNN spokeswoman offered a statement that emphasized the network's long-term ratings growth -- while ignoring the even sharper gains made by Fox News and MSNBC -- and its claim to being No. 1 in total reach. (As I've noted before, that claim is based on CNN's "cume," or cumulative audience, a measure generally considered less important to advertisers.)

CNN is having its best March in prime time among total viewers since 2003 (Iraq war) and its second best March in adults 25-54 (also since 2003/first best 2008). CNN is not blowing with the political winds, but is continuing to grow by providing reliable, respected journalism and we will continue to offer straight forward reporting that includes a broad range of information, opinion and fact.

On TV, CNN reaches the most viewers every month, averaging 75.7 million compared to FOX's 61.3 million and MSNBC's 55.8 million. averages more than 30 million unique users each month and HLN averages another 52.8 million viewers.

And finally, I heard this the other day while I was in the car... it is from NPR's All Things Considered: Fox News Thrives In The Age Of Obama. In the article (or audio clip), David Folkenflik takes a look at the maybe unexpected high ratings FOX has experienced since the inauguration.

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Anonymous said...

Look for CNN to definitely finish 4th in the demo
for the month of March. Also be on the lookout
for a huge ratings dive. Following the actions of
Ed Henry and CNN playing the clip over and over
again,CNN is going way overboard. Right away
MSNBC picked up on it and talked about it and
not one person thought it was CNN's finest hour.
Even Phil Berstein said CNN may not want to keep
using that clip,it was not a good piece of
journalism.It just feeds into growing perception
that CNN does not respect President Obama.
To make matters worst they put these crazy
Republicans on the air who show up to do
nothing but bash Obama. There in lies the
problem for CNN. There just is not an intelligent
talk on the network these days.I just wonder
what made them think the public wants to hear
from former members of the Bush administration.
That is just one example of the bad journalism
that makes the airwaves on CNN these day. The
network has been putting these Republicans
calling for Geithner's resignation without any
one who bags to differ.CNN is suppose to be
the adult in cable news and sadly lately it is
not they have managed to think the people
really are outraged about AIG, when people have
moved on. What really gets me is the talk about
overexposure for Obama, maybe they need to
think about their overexposure with regards to
the pundits. I have officially joined the boycott.

Anonymous said...

The numbers for the Obama press conference
are not that good for CNN. They edged out MSNBC
in viewers but lost the demo. Sooner or later
someone will see that viewers don't like what
they are seeing.I am not holding out much hope
though since CNN seems to be heavily invested in
panel this panel that.I just wonder how Jim Walton
feels about things at the network.

Anonymous said...

The problem for CNN is that they are stuck in a
time warp. They have managed to convince them-
selves that there nothing wrong because they keep
doing the same thing with left vs right. I guess they
did not get the message from Jon Stewart.

Next week should be interesting Roland Martin
will be on anchoring No Bias No Bull.I really think
CNN needs a game-changer at this point. They
need to really put technology to use by allowing
viewers to put together a national newscast
with legit news stories submitted by viewers
mixed in with stories that CNN covered during
the day and perhaps by change someone at
CNN does a related story on a viewer submitted
item run the story. But limit the to like 1 min.
We are at a point were viewers have to be en-
gaged or involved and not told what to think.
CNN needs some people who think out of the
box. Give a shout out to the viewers who stories
are used. Just do not limit it to news. Maybe
some one came across a great science story
or cool video or pics on the web or discovered
an interesting item in a magazine or newspaper.
CNN must give people a reason to watch CNN.
Prime time needs fixing as well as the morning
news and dayside. I say the women's program
for a couple of hours.Alina Cho and Lola do
some get stories that women can relate to.
Also on weekends, there is a cool segment
that Fredericka and the weather lady do where
they have a discussion about some interesting
items at the end of the show. One thing I have
noticed is that Erica Hill has not been around
lately,which leads me to think she might be
getting her own program.If she leaves 360
Betty or TJ should be her replacement.
Please hire Conor Knighton he could give his
unique take on the news of the day and move
Larry King to 7pm.No offense but the only
personality that CNN has in prime time is
Anderson Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Well it is true. CNN will by number 3 for the
month of March.I am concerned that Jon Klein
may not get that there is a problem.He can not
continue with the current lineup unless he wants
to be number 4. This has never happened in the
history of CNN. The sad story is on the Huffingon

Anonymous said...

i was just on TV Newser. Phil Griffin summed up
things right.CNN went heavily in favor of opinion
and that gave MSNBC an opening because opinion
is empty on facts and that is the problem for CNN
in a major league way. They have to get rid of
Lou Dobbs, Campbell Brown, Larry King and Kiran
Chetry and Rick Sanchez they are bringing down
the network. Jon Klein has given MSNBC too many
openings in certain hours of the day.

Anonymous said...

ICN has an item on what's the problem with
CNN.It is simple CNN should do better smarter
news and lose the pundits. The article hits the
nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

CNN just does not get it. Have you seen the
commercial for Roland Martin. I am wondering
will it still be No Bias, No Bull.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we will find out really soon about
weekend programs. This is the last weekend
for DL Hughley. I wonder if CNN heavily over-
use of pundits is due to the fact that they all
have contracts.