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Saturday, April 4, 2009


This week, CNN=G20 as the President made his first overseas trip to meet with foreign leaders in London. It seemed like about half of the coverage was about the choice of gifts, the First Lady's wardrobe, and of course, The Hug. (If the Queen says there was no breach of protocol, there wasn't. Her game, her rules; move along.)

On Tuesday, soon-to-be-based-in-London Zain Verjee joined Roland Martin to preview where the President would be traveling on this trip:

Zain's segment segued into a chat with Richard Quest about what was expected to happen at the meetings:

Wednesday, Nic Robertson covered the protestors in the streets of London, and spoke to Roland about it later:

Nic also joined Anderson Cooper at the Tower Bridge remote location that night to recap the protests:

On Thursday, Roland again spoke to Richard about the 10-page agreement released by the G-20 members today:

Meanwhile, on Thursday Wolf Blitzer sat down for a lengthy, wide-ranging discussion with The New York Times' Thomas Friedman. The segment that aired on Thursday's TSR covered relations with Iran, Israel/Palestine, and Afghanistan:

Friday's segment was about the "G-2" (China and the US), the current economic mess, and Friedman's contention that Energy Technology is the way of the future:

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Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Ted Rowlands, Reynolds Wolf, and Susan Roesgen were still covering the floods in Minnesota/North Dakota.

SUNDAY: John King spent time in St. Louis this past week.

MONDAY: Susan Candiotti was in Warren, Michigan; Ted Rowlands still in Moorhead, Minnesota; Reynolds Wolf in Fargo, North Dakota; Jill Dougherty was at The Hague with SecState Clinton. Roland Martin will be in for Campbell Brown for the next eight weeks during her maternity leave.

TUESDAY: Ed Henry and Suzanne Malveaux were in London with the President; Kyra Phillips hosted her portion of NewsRoom from Washington.

WEDNESDAY: Anderson Cooper hosted AC360 from London; Nic Robertson is back in London (above; doing a stand-up for International from outside 10 Downing Street). Kyra still in Washington. Fredericka Whitfield was in for Heidi Collins; American Morning began 1 hour early to cover the President's speech live, and TJ Holmes was in for John Roberts.

THURSDAY: Anderson still in London; Kyra back in Atlanta; Carol Costello in for Kiran Chetry.

FRIDAY: Susan was in Binghamton, New York to cover the shooting rampage there; Ed and Suzanne in Strasbourg, France; Anderson still in London and the second hour of AC360 was a look at the "New World Promise" -- the Summit, the speeches, and yes, the fashions. Carol in for Kiran; Kitty Pilgrim in for Lou Dobbs.

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maxie1218 said...

Thanks for the great post Cyn...I especially enjoyed TF :)...I actually missed that part of the interview...The one I saw was where he discussed prospects for the mideast peace process...TF certainly has his brain working overtime...He covers so many topics and then brilliantly at times, connects them all.

MWmcFan said...

I want to send Arwa Damon big congratulations on her 2009 National Headliner Award win for the work she did on:
Documentary or Series of Reports First Place: CNN
“Special Investigations Unit: On Deadly Ground”
All the work Arwa has done in Iraq over so many years is incredible.

Anonymous said...

I so love Richard Quest! I wish he was on more.

BookAsylum said...

Interesting interview with Thomas Friedman. I've enjoyed reading (at least two of) his books.