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Friday, April 3, 2009

More Odds & Ends and Another Voice Your Opinion

Hey it's me, Phebe, in for BA tonight. Not that this was planned, just a last minute switch. Unlike Book Asylum's thoughtful, well planned posts mine is going to be a 'fly by the seat of your pants' type of thing. First a few tidbits, courtesy of our wonderful Julie.

• Alina Cho must have the most active social life of anyone at CNN. Last Friday night Ms. Cho attended the 'Young Friends of Venice' Ball at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. Her escort was John Dempsey. Cho also attended NY Fashion Week's Tuleh show with Dempsey in February.

• Roland Martin began his stint as Campbell's sub this past Monday. When Campbell was in the anchor chair the program's executive producer was David Doss, also the man in charge of AC360. While Campbell is on maternity leave Scott Matthews will take over as exec producer of NBNB.

• DL Hugley has bid ado to CNN but he told the Daily News TV editor that he hated to leave when the program was so successful (yes you read that correctly). To read more follow the link.

• On March 26th's Morning Media Menu had Jack Cafferty for a guest. They talked about his new book, "Now or Never: Getting Down to the Business of Saving Our American Dream" among other things. To listen follow the link.

I read with interest all of the suggestions you readers had for how to improve the CNN lineup. Most of your ideas concerned the anchors at the newsdesk and the prime time programs. I would be interested in hearing your opinions on CNN's reporters. Who are your favorites and who makes you want to flip the channel. I don't want anything too negative, just your honest picks and pans. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

Big fan of Candy Crowley, Dan Simon, Ed Lavendara, John Zarella, Reynolds Wolfe, Zain Vergee, Richard Quest, Michael Ware,and I'm sure a few more that I'm forgetting.
Not such a big fan of David Mattingly, Randi Kaye, Drew Griffin, Dan Lothian, Rob Marciano and Alina Cho. (Forgive my spelling errors on some of the names.)

Anonymous said...

Reporters that I enjoy watching- John Zarrella, Ted Rowlands, Ed Henry, Candy Crowley, Dana Bash, Jessica Yellin, Brianna Keilar, Dan Lothian, Becky Anderson, Richard Quest, Abbi Tatton, Gary Tuchman, … I could go on- there are more that I like than dislike. The only department that I can outright say that I don’t like is the weather department… I’m not fond of anyone that they currently have doing the weather. (Maybe I’ve watched the weather channel too much and have become biased?)

Anonymous said...

For just some of the many I like:
Anderson Cooper,Nic Robertson,Michael Ware,Christiane Amanpour,Candy Crowley,John Zarella,Tom Foreman,Randi Kaye,and Gary Tuchman.

Two people who make me want to fall asleep from boredom or leave off my tv are Campbell Brown and Kiran Chetry.Will never in a million years figure out how those two got there,to be honest with you.Geez!

Two on my all time list of change the channel, are recently added ones:
Drew Griffin and Ed Henry.I just cannot watch anything these guys do anymore.

I used to like Drew,until his last few questionable reports sort of ticked me off.
As for Ed Henry,I find him cocky with a bit of an attitude problem, especially after his little boast on the blog recently,and wish anyone else would have got the White House correspondent job.
IMO,he just loves to pat himself on the back,as if saying,"wow,look at me".

DL Hughley was successful,oh please!If he was so wonderful,he would not get canned!

Anonymous said...

I'm very very sick and tired of Lou Dobbs. He is far too negative and so in love with himself.
Wolf Blitzers voice is so boring he puts you to sleep.
I really love David Gergen and his view points and take on the news, he always comes across as a man who thinks before he opens his mouth.
I have no problems with the rest of the people at CNN.
Repeating the same news over and over does get tiresome however.

Elaine in Canada

Anonymous said...

David Gergen seems to be the one and only tolerable one in the 'panel people'.

A few on the annoying as heck list are Drew Griffin,Ed Henry,Kiran Chetry,Campbell Brown,Rob Marciano,Jessica Yellin, and Brianna Keilar.

As for the ones I prefer,well,no question it is the works of Anderson Cooper,Christiane Amanpour,Nic Robertson,Michael Ware, Randi Kaye,and Gary Tuchman- just some of the true and real journalists there.They could run circles around some of the newbies,and have the chops,talent,and awards to prove it.
I really believe CNN still has some fine people there, they just won't use them,AND some veterans were let go,as we know.They seem to want to favor the new 'talent' bought in in the last few years,at the expense of the real journalists/reporters.Sorry, I prefer the 'old timers' any day to the pretty people.
Some people are very annoying,to the point of 'they gotta go', especially Lou Dobbs and Campbell Brown.The whole lineup at night needs an overhaul,starting with those two.All they seem to be doing is dragging everyone else down,espcially AC360.Too bad no one seems interested in fixing all this.
At least, they could TRY to salvage Anderson's show.
WE know how good it can be,trouble is no one seems to give a damn about it anymore.
When they do send Anderson outside for some field work,even THAT still does not work.
Are the viewers so shallow nowadays that all they want to see is the train wreck that is Nancy Grace's show,or Faux News junk?
Or,tune in just to see Michelle Obama's wardrobe this week?
No wonder there are problems.

BookAsylum said...

Thanks to Phebe for filing in for me! I was powerless- literally- for most of the night. No power- no blogging.