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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out of the Box April 29

Better Late Then Never:

Anderson Cooper:
Anderson Cooper appeared on TNT’s sports show Over Time last Thursday and spoke with Charles Barkley via satalite. Here is a transcript.

Barkley on the Somali pirates: "Why don't they shoot those damn pirates?"

Cooper: "It's a good question, a lot of people have asked about that. They brought (one pirate) to the United States, he was smiling and clearly seemed disoriented; it must have been surreal for him. But I don't know why they don't shoot them or at least arrest them. NATO arrested a couple just the other day and released them so they are back out there doing the same thing."

(Ernie) Johnson on Cooper's Twitter page: "You have 154,000 followers on Twitter and we are on Twitter for the NBA Playoffs. Do you have people Tweeting for you or do you do your own Tweets?"

Cooper: "We have a show (Anderson Cooper 360) Twitter and anytime it's me Twittering, we say that it's me and if it's something about the show, it might be somebody else. If it's from me, I'll say `this is from Anderson' because I wouldn't want anyone Twittering in my place. If you're saying it's from you…you guys might actually have to do this. Not sure if that's the answer you wanted."

Follow Up

Campbell Brown:
Campbell Brown was honored with the Matrix award Monday night. Here is a clip of Campbell’s speech that aired on No Bias, No Bull Monday night.

That is it for me this week hopefully next week we will have some events to share with you all ! Sapphire

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