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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Taliban, al Qaeda, and the Cosmic War ... plus a little swine flu

Welcome to my new day of posting on ATC!

Sunday, Ivan Watson explained why it is that the Taliban has been able to gain such a large following in Pakistan: by promising justice to people who are accustomed to seeing only the wealthy gain from such a concept. And if that means virtual enslavement for the women of the country? Oh well...:

Tuesday, Nic Robertson was on from Islamabad to discuss speculation that Osama bin Laden may be dead. Or not. No one really has a clue. (My money is on not; as Peter Bergen has said, OBL's "martyrdom" for the cause will be big news and will be trumpeted by al Qaeda.)

Wednesday, Cal Perry reported on a series of car bombings in Baghdad, most in the Sadr City section of the city:

Also Wednesday, Reza Aslan was on American Morning to discuss President Obama's first 100 days in office, specifically his outreach to the Muslim world:

And what would this week be without some Swine Flu reports? Monday, Karl Penhaul looked at what the ban on public assembly has meant to the pro soccer games in Mexico City:

And Phil Black reported from the college in Auckland, New Zealand that had 9 students and a teacher show symptoms upon return from a trip to Mexico:

That's all for me today ... Saturday I'll be doing a "Where in the World?" post, and then see you on Monday with more clips!

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