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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ratings For The Week of April 27, 2009

Ratings for the week April 27, 2009 - May 1, 2009

Adults 25-54
FOX748,000 1
CNN199,500 1
MSNBC363,250 1
Adults 25-54
CNN270,000 1
Adults 25-54
CNN306,750 1

Here's your rundown of last week's cable news ratings for the Adults 25 - 54 demographic:

At 8PM, FOX takes the top spot, followed by MSNBC, HLN, and then CNN. FOX, CNN, and MSNBC aired the President's press conference on Wednesday night. CNN took the top spot in the demographic during the press conference. FOX came in second and MSNBC followed in third.

Other than CNN taking the demo at 8PM on Wednesday, FOX retained their dominance of the top stop on all other nights during the prime time hours. During the 9PM hour, MSNBC had the second highest average, CNN the third highest, and HLN fourth.

10PM places CNN in second place, MSNBC in third, and HLN trailing closely behind in fourth.

1 Four day average used for FOX, CNN, & MSNBC at 8PM: Wednesday Presidential Press Conference; CNN for 9PM and 10 PM: Wednesday 100 day report card.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Memo to Jon Klein :

Please fix CNN. Ditch the polls,since 20 % of
Americans have ditched landlines. Enough of
getting news from talk radio and political blogs.
The campaign is over. The internet is a better
source of diverse news items. Please use your
own anchors and reporters, they make more
sense than the pundits. Enough with Limbaugh
and Palin,nobody cares, only 20 percent of
Americans call themselves Republicans. Time
Warner owns a lot of things. Like AOL, many
magazines and even a cool websites on the
the world wide web. Ditch Myspace and go
with Facebook and Linked In. Also start using
Twitter the right way. Current TV just won a
webby for using twitter the right way for
something they called hack the debate.
Please hire Conor Knighton. I started
watching your network because of AC 360.
I like the originality and the cool music and
thee fact that it was an intelligent news program
with an interesting mix of news stories.

Also please provide links for Digg, Facebook,
Linked In and propeller which is used by
AOL, Yahoo, Google and others in addition
to Mix. Please fix the graphics it is a headache
to watch. The CNN live logo is to big and
there are times when the clutter with all of
the graphics interfere with the story, Finally,
please make CNN a 24/7 news channel again
by making CNN and and the 360
blog aggregated.

Sincerely, News junkie

Anonymous said...

Where does the man begin. One thing CNN needs
is better story selection and better guests who
can explain complex situations without trying to
spew partisan silly rhetoric that makes me turn
the channel.I really think that is one reason why
Morning Joe is starting to beat AM. It is a smarter
show and he is not afraid to have people on the
program who is smarter than he is and have
knowledge of the facts. Yes there are times when
it is political that is when I turn to Bloomberg or
BBC. The point I am making is that CNN is
anything but a news channel these days. The
on air programming is a disaster and it looks
really bad on air.CNN is now a laughing stock
and this does not have to be.MSNBC got it
right they realized that Joe could not do a
news program alone because that is not his
forte. The dude is not a journalist.
So you surround him with the pros who are
counterpoints and get him straight. Mental
note : pov and opinion news only works
for FNC because their audience believes the
junk they call news.I think the hardest
thing to be at CNN now is a journalist since
they seem to get less face time than those
annoying pundits. Wake up CNN people
want information not pov or opinion tv
news.It is an outdated model that CNN needs
to scrap like yesterday.One hour I can not
watch is Rick Sanchez. The man definitely
belongs on local tv. Are the suits even
watching this guy?Does anyone at CNN think
some guy saying he is doing the next gern-
eration of news by sitting in an anchor chair
and using twitter suppose to be taken serious-
ly. That is not the next generation of news.
It makes no sense. And what is up with the
Rick cam. I think CNN could be on to
something with the format now being used
with Roland Martin. But I would like to see
the show done with CNN's anchors and
reporters, that includes everybody at the
network. Bring back the writers and print
guys and doc and film guys who bring
us interesting journalism.I think it is safe
to the say the era of pundits need to end.
I just hope CNN realizes that before it is
too late.

Anonymous said...

I was just on TV by the Numbers. So far for the
month of May,ratings aren't so good for CNN or
MSNBC.CNN should beat FNC instead of trying to
be FNC. When it comes to MSNBC, CNN should
resolve itself to leave MSNBC in the dust. The
thing that bothers me is that I am not so sure
CNN has a plan. There seems to be a lack of
programs. I have a different take as to how CNN
should use newspapers and mags. CNN has some-
thing called the CNN Wire. It was suppose to
counter AP.I think CNN should form some sort
of partnership with as many newspapers as
possible around the world and magazines as
well. Have the reporters do their stories like
Heroes for television. But use the I-tunes bar
to make it modern and not dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Rick Sanchez, either, but he's improved ratings in his time slot pretty significantly (especially in younger viewers), so don't expect him to go away.

Anonymous said...

anything on morning show ratings?

Anonymous said...

You can find the morning show ratings on TV By
The Numbers. It is doing as bad as all of the other
shows on CNN these days. Something is making
viewers tune out. I can not believe that CNN has
just added another political segment on AM. I
don't know why CNN thinks this is the future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21 am I a a little skeptical of Rick
Sanchez brining in younger viewers. I can tell
you he the butt of many jokes on twitter and
other social sites. Trust me he does not pull
in big numbers for CNN. Shep is killing him
at the hour and MSNBC smells blood. MSNBC
is beginning new dayside programming to
take to CNN. They are changing the 9-11 am
hours and the network is also targeting CNN
in Sanchez's time period. I believe they have
data showing CNN's numbers are trending
downward during the 3pm hour. I think it
came out in one of their press releases.
I think if he had decent numbers CNN would
say so. The program is not mentioned in any
of their recent PR.In fact CNN is not saying
much PR wise these days.

Anonymous said...

Aren't there a lot of news articles saying that
CNN was not being too truthful about the
numbers. One thing you have to give Phil
Griffin credit for, the man will get rid of what
does not work.In fact they are bringing back
Lock Up opposite 360 starting Monday. I am
concerned that it seems as though MSNBC is
trying to add more news in some hours and
CNN keeps it up with the hot air.I just wonder
how long Mr Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes will let
this continue before he puts pressure on Jim
Walton to do something about Jon Klein's bad
programming choices.

Anonymous said...

If CNN really wants to know how to use social
media maybe the should read Mashable.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad to see this happen to CNN. Let's hope
there is some soul-searching going on at CNN
about the direction of the once great network these
days. There are way too many stunts and very little
substance being broadcast.

CNN needs to use Twitter as a news gathering tool.
Why not let viewers become contributors via tweets?
Also use the CNN blogs, Facebook and others. But
there must be one destination for people to register
and submit items through multiple sources.
Perhaps someone at CNN did a related story.
Mix it in with the big stories of the day and give
props to stories selected by CNN viewers.
Didn't CNN get the message from Ashton.
Of course if the story can not be verified it
gets eliminated. Hey even do hookups with
viewers via Skype or phone if they wish.

Mix it in with the big stories of the day. I say
go with Josh Levs,Ncole Lippon Tj Holmes and
Betty and Jack Gray.CNN needs to look forward
and to stop going retro.

I understand that this will take time and has
to be built.I say take the next 3 months to
launch the news project in late August.
While this is going on do some trial runs
on maybe the has a
mix link and you can itemize the news topics.
I stress that 3 items should be key. They are
news,information and content.

Maybe CNN can hire some of the reporters
laid off from newspapers to run the website
24/7. You could do this at noon and one
of the prime time hours. I really do believe
this could be a huge ratings hit. If I don't
know what the stories will be I am likely
to stay tuned. You have to give me a reason
to watch.I have also read that CNN has quite
a tech team in Atlanta.

I say this because America needs news that
is free from ideology if the news is to survive.
I talk to so many people who have switched
from CNN hoping to register their complaints
via ratings.Gideon Yago is doing a great series
for IFC on the news biz and the problems
facing the industry.CNN does not have
be threatened by the internet they should
use it to their benefit. We are now in a global
society and giant media companies can no
longer ignore millions. Does any news
organizations have the worldwide reach of

Anonymous said...

Today's NY Times has a great article from
Frank RIch about the news industry.Rich
has an interesting tidbit about twitter more
than 60 percent abandon the service after
a month.It is much easier to do everything
on Facebook. Twitter has also been the
source of bad information for news stories.
I applaud CNN for the way it uses Facebook.
18-34 year olds watch a lot of tv. If money
is an issue maybe CNN should air some of
the shows on weekends from CNN I. Most
cable companies in the United States don't
carry the channel. That would cost CNN
nothing.I really would like to see CNN do
a science,environment,internet and tech
show on the weekends. Let Josh Levs and
some of the people from do
the show. Melissa Long has been on CNN
a lot these days.I think I even saw Nicole
Lippon on CNN in the News Room.I am a
person who gets news from multiple sources.

Anonymous said...

If you think these numbers are bad, wait until
you post the new ones for last week. TV by the
Numbers has some bad numbers for CNN on
Friday and all over it is very ugly.It is a good
bet that a shakeup is coming.