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Friday, June 26, 2009

Man in the Mirror Hosted by Don Lemon

Don Lemon CNN Man in the Mirror Michael Jackson June 25, 2009

A quick programming note for you...

CNN Presents: 'Man in the Mirror': A special CNN Presents takes an in-depth look at the life and legacy of Michael Jackson. On Saturday and Sunday at 8p/11p/2a ET. Hosted by Don Lemon.

Don Lemon CNN American Morning June, 26, 2009 Los Angeles

More information can be found on CNN's website where they have posted a timeline and pictures of Jackson's life. Don Lemon was reporting from Los Angeles this morning. This afternoon, he provided a behind the scenes look at the location where CNN was setup.

Don Lemon CNN American Morning June, 26, 2009 Los Angeles

If you've been following Lemon on twitter, he was questioned about his glasses and posted a picture.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if CNN is building a possible series for
Don Lemon. The commercial says Don Lemon
reports. I am wondering if that is not a possible
new series that could be developing for Lemon
at CNN. Lemon is calm, cool and collected and
wants to get the facts.I have been flipping the
channels today and noticed that MSNBC now
has a hip digital look.CNN has got to upgrade
it's look to reflect the times.CBS has really started
something and CNN needs a cooler look. I say
lose the crawl and go to a format that gives
extra news before the breaks and coming back
from the breaks.Of course use video and pics
if you have them but different topics for the
stories. For example, the climate bill just
passed. You show the video of them voting
accompanied by info banners that is not
intrusive over the video with music and
an into 3 second graphic. When the news
items run coming back from breaks have
animation that says loading like on a computer.
I really think CNN should adopt a media player
look for all of the packages they air using
the bar that measures when the story will
end along with times to the left and right
like when you play music on I-tunes.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the Michael Jackson memorial will
be huge and CNN will likely carry it live and well
as FNC & MSNBC. I hope Don Lemon is a part of
CNN's coverage.I have always thought that Lemon
or John Roberts should do an hour long evening
newscast. Both CNN & FNC will be on the red
carpet for tonight's BET awards so they will be
battling it out tonight. Not sure what MSNBC
will do tonight. Maybe Lemon could have a type
of news magazine show sort of like Nightline.
Nightline is doing quite well opposite Conan
and Letterman.If Don Lemon moves to a 5 day
schedule lets hope they replace him on the
weekend with TJ Holmes.

Anonymous said...

@11:02AM You are absolutely right. Don Lemon and TJ deserve to be anchors, especially Don, and yes, he was live on the BET red carpet.
It is the Obama era and CNN should start to recognize it as such.
Why not do away with Campbell and try Soledad again? She's the best female anchor they've got and she's terribly under used. I can't wait for her second installment in July, of "Black in America" and might I add, I'm not black!

Anonymous said...

Don Lemon did a wonderful job at the BET awards and had a very insiteful, but short interlude with Joe "patriarch" Jackson. I'm certain talk radio will have a full account of the entire dialogue, but he should be ashamed of himself for talking "business' when his son, who probably supported the entire clan for most of his life, just passed away. He reminded me of a "Vulture" and that is being kind.
Michael got it right. His father was brutal and now the world knows the truth.
Needless to say, Don was stunned as was his audience.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at all these comments. Black anchors helping to tear down the memory of a major black icon, and you people applaud. Amazing!

There will be time enough in a month, a year, to discuss the good, the bad, and even the ugly, but even the average man on the street (plus Elvis, plus Princess Di, Plus JFK Jr, plus so many others) are eulogized positively immediately after their death.

That these journalist - these men and women of color, choose (CHOOSE) to participate in this mess being put forth against a brother is sad, and disappointing.

P. Diddy, Usher, Liza, Jamie Fox, and so many other entertainers have expressed the same sentiments, the same disappointment...

Shame on you. And shame on CNN.

Geralynn said...

I have been watching CNN since 4:14 THursday,June 25th. It has mostly been good but the negative out shadowed the bad on the Man In The Mirror special. I turned after watching it for only about 5-10 minutes. Talk about the reason why you are really doing the show,he is and always be a great entertainer. You wouldn't have spent over 10 hours talking about him if you didn't think so as well. You did the show because he is The King of Pop. All the legal problems and tabloid mess are in the past and that is not what made him ,Michael Jackson( King of Pop). I am not the only one who thinks this way, I've heard many celebrities mention the same ,some of them even on your show.If you really want to make it up to the Jacson family( by the way I send my best to the family) and Many FANS than you should ask the family if you could air the funeral because the church is not big enough for all of those who LOVE him (no past tense because he will forever in our hearts !!!).
Michael I Miss You!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don - The Man in the Mirror documentary is great - BUT the inerview with Joeseph Jackson after the BET awards is a bit tacky - Joe is an 81 year old man - hardly a person with much credibility and pretty much estranged from his son Michael - so why the barrage of questions - ignoring him would have been a better technique of recognizing him. His advanced age probably contributed to the weidrness of hsi comments -. TY anyway for the Man In the Mirror piece.

Anonymous said...

2:29AM: Excuse me, but I am a white female and Don did not tear down anyone. The father set a very poor example of someone who was "supposedly grieving." There have been many reports, prior to Mr. Jackson's death, which focused on how the family continually "used" Michael's success to foster their own selfish needs. Jackson Senior only confirmed on camera, what everyone knew before Michael's untimely demise.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the ratings for Don
for the weekend. TV By the Numbers has the
ratings and CNN had amazing numbers on Thurs
& Fri. I liked the special. Don did a great job on
the red carpet.I think it is pretty clear that Don
& TJ's stock have gone up.Tj and Carol anchored
on Fri and they beat Fox in the demo.I like them
both do you promote Don to weekdays and give
TJ the weekend prime time. If they do move TJ
I am pulling for Rob Marciano to replace him.

Anonymous said...

Maybe CNN should go for Allison Stewart.
She worked with AC at ABC. Stewart is very
sharp and witty. Only problem is her hubby
works for MSNBC so I do not know if she
would work for CNN.

Anonymous said...

@7:55 PM I fully agree with you. Don is terrific and he will be used more and should be use more for investigative journalism concerning the Jackson estate. There maybe nothing left, but whatever there is remaining,that contemptible family patriarch Joe, will make his loathsome "business deals," front and center.

Ruslan said...

I agree. There are too many negative comments in this program. I watched through the entire program anyway last Sunday (06/29). I am surprised this same program is being repeated this July 04 weekend. I hope they cut down negatives and focus more on the accomplishment of the MAN. Rest in Peace, Michael.

green17 said...

I thought "Man in the Mirror" had some positive aspects, but it also had a lot of snarky, upsetting negativity, especially from the "cultural commentator" Toure and the editor from People. There were the usual comments about Michael Jackson being "weird" a "freak," all the things that contributed to the suffering he went through when he was alive. It was especially ironic that Don Lemon was commenting on Jackson's later "angry" music (Scream) while not understanding that the song was an outcry against exactly the type of reporting Lemon was doing. I liked the use of the serious-minded, sensitive people like Smokey Robinson and Quincy Jones. Stop giving voice to people like Toure who feel qualified to constantly judge and villify. I was disgusted with him that he called Michael's marriage disgusting and ridiculous.

Belbang said...

...after all we are human being who for centuries mourned and buried their dead with respect.
Man in the mirror documentary was inadequate reporting in general and Don Lemon is incompetent journalist. Don did ok on BET Award interview. All we saw in Don documentary was old . he brought nothing new at all.
I feel sorry for this special documentary.