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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Ware: Back in Baghdad

Well, it's been awhile since I've been able to do an all-Michael Ware post, but here we have one. Michael is back in Baghdad in the run-up to the beginning of the end of the American-led war in Iraq -- per the SOFA signed by the Bush administration, as of June 30th US troops are required to pull out of the cities and can only re-enter them at the invitation of the Iraqi government.

Monday, Michael spoke with International's Hala Gorani about the latest rash of bombings:

A few hours later he spoke with Hala again with the latest death tolls:

On Tuesday, Michael Holmes interviewed Michael for BackStory. It was 8pm in Baghdad, and things were a bit casual; however, Michael apparently felt that if he was going to be interviewed he ought to at least be shod. (I'd say "Crikey!" but he'd probably hurl one of those shoes at me... so instead I'll just quietly grumble about his pesky journalistic ethics.) This very short clip teased the interview (and yes, for you Tommy Evans fans, there he is in the background at his familiar post):

Due to some technical glitches, the interview itself was split into two segments, running Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the full clip as posted to

Wednesday and back on Hala's program after another heartbreaking major bombing:

Domestic finally got some airtime with Michael, as Wolf Blitzer talked to him about the bombings and the increase in tensions. Jack Cafferty also had a comment:

And this morning, John Roberts talked to him briefly as well:

It's always good to hear Michael's perspective on what's going on in Iraq, even though we seem to be heading into yet another very dangerous time there; nobody knows the players and reads the currents as well as he does. (We're also looking forward to the AC360 special that he and Tommy were working on in Pakistan recently, which is slated to air next month.)

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maxie1218 said...

It is great to have Mick on air again and reporting on what is now the "forgotten" war.

Thanks to Delie and Cyn for the clips.

MWmcFan said...

Thanks so much for all the Michael Ware clips. It's great to see him report from Baghdad again. Mick is an incredible journalist, I really appreciate his coverage in the Middle East.

Mavis said...

IT's good see him back in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

There was a great Michael Ware moment
this morning with TJ and Betty. Do you
guys have the clip ?

Cyn said...

I have it on my site: CNN Sunday Morning It's at the end of the clip. He was pretty amusing on all the Domestic clips this morning but this is the one you want.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I have been looking for the clip all day.