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Sunday, June 14, 2009

State of the Union for June 14, 2009

State of the Union with John King on Sunday morning started off with a report from Christiane Amanpour from Iran about the reaction to their Presidential election. The video clip below isn't from State of the Union, but has similar information:

Next was a taped interview with Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on health care reform. (This wasn't the Secretary's only Sunday morning talk stop.) They discussed several of the different reform strategies being proposed. King also asked the Secretary about the potential of a resurgence of the swine flu this fall.

Senator Kent Conrad (D), Senator Susan Collins (R), and Senator Ben Nelson (D) were in the DC Studio live to discuss the Iranian elections. The Senators also discussed health care reform and the deficit spending that may be required to implement a reform plan.

John King was in central Florida this week to talk to people about the current health care system.

The weekly behind the scenes staff briefing about Sunday's program has morphed into an on the road briefing without the staff. Here's this week's video which was taped on the CNN Express bus:

Howard Kurtz came in at 10AM for the Reliable Sources segment. The first panel, Mark Halperin, Jim Geraghty, and Ana Marie Cox, stuck around for the first half of the hour. They started with the coverage of Gov. Palin. Most of the discussion centered around the comments that David Letterman recently made. I agreed with Cox on this: why are we spending so much time on this?

They briefly discussed the President's comic side and then moved on to the "the freak show" of our left & right wing politics as they took a look at the finger pointing at some cable news/radio hosts after the murder of Dr. Tiller and the attack at the Holocaust Museum.

ABC's David Westin spoke with Kurtz about their new program that takes a look at the recession. They also discussed how Leno leaving the Tonight Show could help ABC's Nightline, the ratings of the evening news programs and the Sunday morning news programs.

James Carville and Mary Matalin were the first strategist panel during the 11AM hour with John King. They discussed the election in Iran, the US's diplomacy policy towards Iran, and health care reforms. They wrapped up the discussion with talking about President Bush's (#41) jump out of an airplane on his 85th birthday and the comments that he made to HLN's Robin Meade afterwards.

The diner segment was from Junior's diner in Orlando, Florida and the topic was what the government should or shouldn't do to improve health care.

Gerald Seib, Karen Tumulty, and Ed Henry were part of the journalist panel. They covered the Iran election, Bush 41's comments on the nomination of Judge Sotomayor, and health care policy.

And, why did John King happen to go to Orlando, Florida this past week? NBA Finals, of course. King reported on the NBA Cares program as it opened a new reading center in Orlando.

You could have skipped the first 40 minutes of the last hour of the program. They replayed the interview with Secretary Sebelius, the panel of Senators (Conrad, Collins, and Nelson), and Christiane Amanpour's report from Iran.

The Last Word went to Rep. Mike Pence (R). The topics included the Iranian election and the US policy towards Iran, health insurance reform, and deficit spending.

The program wrapped up with a replay of King's report on health care in central Florida.

If you missed the program, you can watch the podcasts:

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