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Thursday, July 2, 2009

More from Iraq and Iran

I actually hadn't planned on doing more clips from Michael Ware today, but the incredible marathon of reporting he did the past couple of days has just been amazing: from Sunday to Tuesday, for Domestic and International, he did 40 reports! But since I can't fit them ALL on here ... heh ... I pulled a couple of clips that I think were exceptional looks at what he does so very well.

First is a piece from Tuesday's Your World Today, with Jim Clancy giving an overview of the story and then Michael's report on the handover ceremony:

On BackStory that same day, a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the report, followed by a chat with Michael Holmes:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cal Perry had an investigative piece air this week on the way veterans are being cared for upon their return. Not surprisingly, we aren't doing all that well in that regard. If ever a group of Americans deserved the best health care possible, it is these men and women:

Reza Sayah gave us a look at the reports out of Iran that Newsweek's reporter there -- detained by the government some 10 days ago -- has "confessed" to working against the regime. This is scary stuff, and I hope there is some way of getting all these detainees released:

We can only hope that the CNN=MJ programming will abate soon.

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MWmcFan said...

Michael Ware’s coverage of the war in Iraq for all these years has been incredible. He is such a gifted, intelligent and brave reporter. Thank you so much Mr. Ware for bringing all these years of truth to us, may you continue reporting for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

The Michael Jackson Channel, or MJ/360, spent the first 45 minutes with the continued update of the investigation into the death of the so-called icon.
Anderson Cooper, the show's anchor, who normally reports on all important matters concerning the nation, national security, and the economy, interviewed the "highly regarded," Reverend Sharpton, for the upteenth time. The Reverend was none too pleased with the media's "negativity," surrounding Jackon's death, even though Mr. Jackson was a "tragic figure" with his personal life in shambles.
LKL also visited the "wonders" of Neverland, where we were treated to a tour of the home's bare quarters. Jermaine Jackson, who was apparently left nothing, was also not pleased with the negativity surrounding his brother's death and the implied implication from Larry, that the family was perhaps, a "bunch of pariahs," waiting for the contents of The Will to unfold.
The viewer was left with two lingering questions: Who emptied the Jackson estate and where were Jackson's belongings? This was not clarified on the Michael Jackson Channel on either show.
What a pity.

Delie said...

Anyone interested in what happens in Iraq must see Michael Ware's reports. But it would be simplistic to say Mick ware equals Iraq's coverage. We can't forget the other conflicts zones he worked in like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Georgia... with always the same search for the truth.

Cyn, thank you for the CNN US video with Cal Perry. We didn't get in on International and I haven't found this story on Or maybe the clip is lost between tons of MJ stories...

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no justification for the amount of time spent on Michael Jackson from CNN. I know there are those "defenders" of this practice who say they "grew up with Jackson," but that is total nonesense. We grew up with a lot people, and moved on. The trouble with the continual Jackson reporting is that Jackson reached his peak of success in the eighties and then headed in a downward spiral that was out of control. He WAS a great talent, but he has been in decline for many years and everyone dies. His day came, his time was up, CNN must move on or their ratings will again suffer as they did before.
Jackson was a terribly flawed figure. Even Paul McCartney described him as the "man/child." We will never know what he actually did or didn't do, but now with his children at stake, you wonder just how "healthy their in environment" was when he was still alive. They may very well be, better off.

Anonymous said...

The Michael Jackson Channel continued with it relentless pursuit of the truth behind the death of the fading icon...but wait. On MJ/360 and on Campbell Brown, another news worthy personality entered the arena..if only for the short time. Why it was Sarah Palin and low and behold,
the handsome, and inquisitive Mr. Cooper, who actually filled in on 2other shows, prior to his own, discussed in length why Sarah is pulling the plug on her Governorship of the great state of Alaska.
Yes, the expression on Mr. Cooper's face said it all when speaking to the Palin spokes woman in upstate NY. If she wasn't spinning a web of falsehoods I don't know fairy tales.
As interesting as this was, true to form, the Michael Jackson Channel did regain it's tedious momentum for a Michael Jackson forum as to what forbidden drug, used only by hospital anesthesiologist's, finally caused him the fatal blow.
Later on 360, a clip of the Colbert Report was actually shown, chastising Mr.Cooper for interviewing the well known chimp Bubbles. Shame on Mr.Colbert for not immortalizing the chimp that was so closely attached to Mr. Jackson's adulthood. But Mr. Cooper, a trooper if there ever was one, laughingly closed the show in relatively high spirits.

Anonymous said...

Loved Paul Begala's blog on Huffpost: "Palin Makes Mark Sanford Look Stable." So Right as usual. Thinks there's a political scandal on the horizon. Oh, we can only hope.