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Monday, August 10, 2009

Af/Pak update

Atia Abawi is back in Afghanistan and this morning reported on the current situation there as well as General McChrystal's comments about needing more troops:

Peter Bergen is also in Kabul, and this morning John Roberts spoke with him regarding the long-term outlook:

Over the weekend, Stan Grant profiled a reporter who was taken hostage by the Taliban in Pakistan:

Cal Perry is also in Islamabad, and has been trying since last week to get confirmation on whether an American drone airstrike has killed the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud; there is still no compelling confirmation, although there have reportedly been succession meetings that have turned violent with in-fighting and US government officials are saying they are sure he was killed:

And Michael Ware continues to report from Mexico this week and spoke with Don Lemon about his profile of the drug cartel known as Los Zetas:

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Where in the World...?

MONDAY: Alina Cho was in for Kiran Chetry; TJ Holmes was in for Tony Harris; Suzanne Malveaux was in for Wolf Blitzer; Erica Hill was in for Anderson Cooper.

TUESDAY: TJ was in for Tony; Suzanne was in for Wolf; Erica was in for Anderson.

WEDNESDAY: Michael Ware was in Mexico City; Ed Henry was in Elkhart, Indiana. Don Lemon was in for Tony; Suzanne was in for Wolf; Erica was in for Anderson.

THURSDAY: David McKenzie reported on SecState Clinton's visit to Nairobi (above); Atia Abawi was back in Kabul; Peter Bergen was in Islamabad; John King was in Eugene, Oregon; Wolf was in New York City for the "200 Days" report card special;. Joe Johns was in for John Roberts; Don was in for Tony; Fredericka Whitfield was in for Kyra Phillips; Erica was in for Anderson.

FRIDAY: Cal Perry was in Islamabad; Rob Marciano was in Dunlap, Tennessee for the world's longest yard sale. Joe was in for John Roberts; Betty Nguyen was in for Tony; Fredericka was in for Kyra; Erica was in for Anderson.

SATURDAY: Rob was in for TJ.

SUNDAY: Michael and Suzanne were both in Guadalajara, Mexico to cover President Obama's summit; Morgan Neill reported from Tokyo. Rob was in for TJ.

That's a wrap for me; see you back here on Thursday!

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