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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Educating the Future

Cal Perry had a piece on this morning about a mentoring program for young girls who have been displaced due to the fighting in the Swat Valley region of Pakistan. A group of college-age women of Pakistani descent have spent the summer in a makeshift school for some of these girls:

Also this morning, Atia Abawi gave the latest update on the results from the Afghan election:

Here's something to make your blood boil... an update on the PR firm that recommends to the Pentagon whether reporters should get an embed with American troops based on how many "good news" stories they have produced in the past. Jeeze, I thought that mindset went out the door with the previous administration. Kyra Phillips made it her "What the...?" report:

Matthew Chance reported Tuesday on the serious alcoholism problem in Russia. Really startling stuff, even if you think you already knew about it:

Finally, Richard Quest from the Brooklyn promenade. He senses a scintilla of hope returning to our economic mindset:

That's it for me this week. Next week I will be coming to you from sunny Los Angeles, moving back 'home' after a four-year absence! Must get back to packing boxes -- the movers will be here in the morning!!

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