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Sunday, August 2, 2009

State of the Union August 2, 2009

Jessica Yellin CNN State of the Union with John King August 2, 2009

No John King this morning on State of the Union. Jessica Yellin anchored the program in his place. Yellin started the program with a live in studio interview with Christina Romer, Chair of the WH Council of Economic Advisors. They discussed the economy and the unemployment rate. Romer believes that after five months the stimulus package is working and will deliver 3.5 millions jobs (either created or saved) by the end of 2010. Yellin also asked her about corporate executive bonuses.

Romer is the only woman on the White House Council of Economic Advisors.

John King CNN State of the Union with John King August 2, 2009

Next on the program was a taped interview that John King did with Senator John McCain. They talked about the economy and the long term impact the stimulus package will have. McCain conceded that the stimulus package has provided "short-term improvements."

John King Senator John McCain CNN State of the Union with John King August 2, 2009

The next topic was health care reform and the Senator does not like the idea of a public health insurance option. McCain's advice for Obama:

When the Senator described the blue dog democrats he used phrases like: bark and no bite and roll over and play dead. He doesn't see that Washington has changed any with Obama as President.

King also asked McCain about whether or not he will support Judge Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination. Senator McCain will be spending at least part of his August recess overseas. King asked him about whether additional troops would be required in Afghanistan and about nuclear concerns with Iran. McCain criticized the US' allies for relying too much on diplomacy.

And of course, King had to ask about Palin's resignation. Senator McCain "respects" her decision. When asked about who he would support in the 2012 Republican primary, he wouldn't comment.

Turns out McCain has more twitter followers than the White House.

And another taped segment from John King- this one about Blue Dog Democrats in his American Dispatch. He went to western Idaho to talk to conservative voters.

For more coverage on the Blue Dog Democrats in Idaho, see this story from the CNN Political Ticker.

Later in the program, we saw some of the same people in the CNN Diner segment. He was at Bud's diner and spoke to Dr. Patricia Bauer, Don Griesel, and William Bauer. They talked about Fmr Gov. Palin, health care reform, and how President Obama has done over the first 200 days of his administration.

Howard Kurtz CNN State of the Union with John King Reliable Sources August 2, 2009

Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz started off this morning with comments made by Glenn Beck about the President being a racist. The first panel included Michel Martin, Amanda Carpenter, and Michelle Cottle. Cottle summed it up well: "crazy sells."

Michel Martin Amanda Carpenter Michelle Cottle Howard Kurtz CNN State of the Union with John King Reliable Sources August 2, 2009

The next was a discussion about the birther debate and CNN's Lou Dobb's commentary. FOX's O'Reilly defended Dobbs; MSNBC's Maddow criticized him and Dobb's fought back by calling her names. And what would a discussion about last week's media be without bringing up the beer summit- when has four men sitting around a table drinking a beer received so much coverage?

The same panel also discussed remarks that Former Governor Palin's made about the media. (She just won't go away, will she?)

The next panel included Harvey Levin, Sharon Waxman, and Amy Argetsinger . They discussed the reliability of trusting TMZ as a source.

Myles Miller Howard Kurtz CNN State of the Union with John King / Reliable Sources August 2, 2009

Next, Kurtz interviewed a fifteen year old journalist from the Bronx: Myles Miller. He's the Political Editor for Children's Press Line

. Here's a quick quote from the interview that gives me hope for the next generation of journalists:

I mean, I think that as a journalist, I'm very objective. I make sure that all my questions are asked from a point of view that don't have my opinion in it. And I also make sure that the reporters that I manage are asking questions that are objective because I feel that that's the integrity of journalism.

We've lost integrity a lot. And I feel that we are the ones who are going to bring it back.

Source: CNN Transcript, State of the Union with John King/ Reliable Sources, August 2, 2009

Bill Bennett Donna Brazile CNN State of the Union with John King August 2, 2009

Jessica Yellin was back for the 11AM hour and the Sounds of Sunday or as I like to call it: the hour of pundits. First panel for this hour included Bill Bennett and Donna Brazile. They talked about the economy and whether or not there has been any improvement and whether or not the stimulus package has anything to do with it. They debated the lack of change inside the beltway (what happened to bipartisan legislation/ Congress). Brazile compared the health care legislative debate to "sausage making" and that some of the ingredients she wouldn't have accepted.

Chris Cillizza  Karen Tumulty  Peter Baker CNN State of the Union with John King August 2, 2009

The next panel included Chris Cillizza, Karen Tumulty, and Peter Baker. They discussed possible tax increases in order to pay for health care reform, the economic recovery (will it be a jobless recovery), health care reform, the "Cash for Clunkers" program, reform on the housing market and on Wall Street, and Fmr. Gov. Palin's relationship with the media.

In Focus CNN State of the Union with John King August 2, 2009

Then a report introduced by Deborah Brunswick that is part of the CNN series called In Focus. A Health Care Co-op that includes a doctor on a motocycle.

This brings us to the beginning of the noon "repeat" hour. Live broadcasting resumed 44 minutes later for the Last Word.

The Last Word Jessica Yellin CNN State of the Union with John King August 2, 2009

Joseph Stiglitz joined Yellin via satellite to discuss possible tax increases. Stiglitz thinks that we may need more stimulus packages and argued that the deficit would be just as high even if we didn't have the stimulus spending.

Here are this week's podcasts:

CNN National Report Card Second 100 Days August 6, 2009

Want to voice your opinion on the second 100 days of the Obama administration? Thursday night, CNN will repeat their Report Card program – this time for the last 200 days. You can put in your vote at:

Tom Foreman CNN = Politics Metro

Tom Foreman had another article in this week's Metro: OMG: That’s so dangerous!:

Picture a car careening down a Los Angeles freeway in rush hour with the driver crunching a phone between his cheek and shoulder, one hand holding a sputtering tape recorder, the other furiously scribbling in a notebook, all while he steers with his knees. Here is a great truth of the American roadway: I have multitasked at 70 mph in heavy traffic like a Zen master.

But now, like a congressman caught in a sex scandal, I am ready to swear I’ll never do it again.

At least when it comes to the practice of messaging or texting while behind the wheel.

A new report coming out of Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute says texting while driving is not merely dangerous, but something akin to juggling rabid cats. Try it enough times and you’ll get hurt. In real studies of real drivers in real traffic, the researchers found that truckers were 23 times more likely to have an accident if texting, and Tom Dingus, who runs the VTTI, says there is no reason for the rest of us to think we’ll do any better.

The rest of the article can be found on Metro's website: OMG: That’s so dangerous!.

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