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Sunday, August 23, 2009

State of the Union August 23, 2009

State of the Union with John King started off this morning with a discussion with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen and The US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry (Ret.). The discussion focused on the recent election in Afghanistan (results from the election have not been determined); US troop levels in Afghanistan; whether or not the public understands the mission in Afghanistan; fighting drug production and replacing it with food crops; troop levels in Iraq (can the decrease in troops continue?); and the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

Next, King spoke live with three Senators: Sen. Richard Lugar (R), Sen. Joe Lieberman (I), and Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D) in the DC Studio. The Senators were asked about the impact the release of the Lockerbie bomber will have on the US relations with Libya (which had been on the path of improvement); and the war in Afghanistan: what are the objectives? what are the appropriate troop levels? how long will we be there?

King then asked the panel about health care reform.

And finally, King asked Lieberman about a quote from Alec Baldwin that was in the July/August issue of Playboy magazine.

King stayed focus on the military with his America Dispatch this week. He visited Fort Riley to talk to the families that have members serving overseas.

At 10AM, it was time for Howard Kurtz and Reliable Sources. Kurtz spoke with Steve Kroft and Jeff Fager about the passing of Don Hewitt.

Next, Kurtz spoke with Jeff Jarvis. If you're a frequent reader of Buzz Machine then you're already familiar with Jarvis' announcement earlier this month that he has prostate cancer. Kurtz questioned him about his decision to be very public about his diagnosis and treatment options.

Kurtz' next panel included Anne Kornblut, David Frum, and Clarence Page. They talked about the White House blaming the press' coverage as well as O'Reilly versus Stewart in comments made about the town hall meeting protesters.

George Gombossy, a former reporter for the Hartford Courant, who says that he was fired because he did a negative story about an advertiser talked wtih Kurtz.

The final two segments focused on the career of Robert Novak, who passed away earlier this week and Jayson Blair's new career as a life coach.

Back to John King for the Sound of Sunday and bring in the pundits...

The first panel of the hour included Donna Brazile and Bill Bennett to discuss the release of the Lockerbie bomber; the war in Afghanistan; health care reform; and Bob Novak.

The CNN Diner segment was from Junction City, Kansas. King talked with Denise Ott, Buz Bruzina, and Bill Speer at Stacy's Restaurant.

Ed Henry, Jessica Yellin, and Dana Bash joined King in the studio for the final panel discussion of the hour. The topics that they covered this morning included: the Lockerbie bomber release, the war in Afghanistan, and health care legislation. The Lightening Round was all about wee-wee and Playboy...

That brings us to the 12PM hour and a repeat of a large portion of the first hour of the program. 44 minutes later, live programming resumed with The Last Word. This week, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D) was the last guest of the morning and the interview focused on health care reform.

Here's John King's behind the scenes video for this week:

And finally, here are your links to this week's podcasts:

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