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Sunday, August 30, 2009

State of the Union August 30, 2009

John King was back in DC this morning for State of the Union. The first guests on the program were Senator Orrin Hatch (R) and Senator Christopher Dodd (D). They shared their reflections on friend and Senate colleague Senator Edward M. Kennedy. They also discussed the health care legislation that is trying to work its way through Congress.

Kennedy 'expected more of us' on health care, Dodd says

After the commercial break, Senator Maria Cantwell replaced Senator Dodd on the panel. The discussion about Senator Kennedy and health care reform continued.

Public option not likely to pass in the Senate, Hatch says

The discussion then moved to the CIA investigation that the Attorney General's office has started.

Dem on CIA probe: 'No one is above the law'

King spoke with Justice Stephen Breyer at Kennedy's Memorial service in Boston.

While in Boston this week, King also spoke with Thomas P. O'Neill III (son of the former Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill).

In the American Dispatch, King spoke with Larry Lucchino, Pres & CEO of the Boston Red Sox about Senator Kennedy's love of the baseball team. King even got to take batting practice while he was at Fenway.

Reliable Sources started at 10AM with Howard Kurtz. The first segment was on the coverage of Senator Kennedy's passing and whether the press' coverage was fair. Joe Klein, Emily Rooney, David Broder, and Tom Oliphant talked about their experiences both personal and covering the Senator.

Reliable Sources: Journos reflect on Kennedy and the press

Kurtz interviewed NPR's Kurt Andersen about his new book, Reset: How This Crisis Can Restore Our Values and Renew America, that looks at the media's coverage of the economy, state of journalism, and the American culture. Random House has an excerpt of the book on their website.

Next, Kurtz interviewed Steve Brill about online news sites charging for their content. Brill's latest business venture is to allow multiple news sources to offer the pay for access content through a common user account.

During the handoff between Kurtz and King, King congratulated Kurtz on the birth of his daughter.

The 11AM hour: bring on the pundits and the Sounds of Sunday.

James Carville and Mary Matalin joined King in the DC studio. They talked about the investigation of CIA interrogation tactics, the possibility of Vicki Kennedy filling her late husband's Senate seat on an interim basis, and New Orleans four years after Katrina.

I'm 'slightly miffed' at Obama, Carville says

Earlier this week, King was in Oklahoma City and stopped in to Earl's Rib Palace to tape the CNN Diner segment. He spoke with Tony Miller, Chris Kennedy, and Wendi Determann.

The next panel discussion included Gloria Borger, Dana Bash, and Dan Lothian (from Martha's Vineyard). The topics included the Attorney General's investigation of the CIA, health care debate, and Senator Kennedy's funeral.

The noon hour brought the repeat of the first hour of the program. 32 minutes into the hour, King showed an touching interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The Last Word this week went to Senator Mary Landrieu (D). King asked her about whether she could support health care legislation that contained a public option. King also asked her about the state of Louisiana four years after Katrina.

'I would tend not to' support the public option, says Landrieu

Here are the links to this week's podcasts:

A few extras this week...

David Zurawik who writes for the Baltimore Sun and is a frequent guest on Reliable Sources has a column about the coverage of Senator Kennedy's funeral mass praising John King's reporting.

Another interesting article that mentions CNN was by Politico's Michael Calderone. He talks about the news media's practice of keeping a collection of preprepared obituaries on hand for well known individuals. A few years ago, CNN was caught testing a few of these on their website. The full article is available on Politico: NYT has 1,200 obits ready.

And one last item... I came across a profile of Howard Kurtz by Garrett M. Graff. The article is titled Fast Howie.

In an age when just about anyone can be a media critic, one fish is still the biggest in the pond. It’s why Howard Kurtz got a voice mail on May 26, 2003, saying, “This is Rick Bragg. I’m ready to talk.”

Bragg, a Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times writer, had been watching his star career unravel amid charges that he’d violated the Times reporting standards. Now he’d been suspended for two weeks. He’d called around and asked one media heavyweight after another: “Who should I talk to?” The answer: Howie Kurtz.

The message came just as Kurtz and his new bride—his second—were flying home from California the day after their wedding. He’d already spent a day before the wedding on a pay-by-the-hour computer at Kinko’s writing not one but two articles while his soon-to-be-wife finished last-minute preparations. Then he reported on the Jayson Blair scandal from the wedding reception. Bride Sheri Annis might have been the new love of Kurtz’s life, but he’d been wed to reporting for much longer.

... the entire article is available: Fast Howie.

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