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Monday, August 31, 2009

Odds & Ends Monday

Photo Credit: David Joles, Star Tribune

Cyn has the night off, so I'm afraid that you're stuck with an odds and ends post from me. There always seem to be things that I come across that just don't make it into my latest post and eventually the opportunity arises to put together a mixed bag post of articles and videos.

First, is an article from the Star Tribune that mentions Minnesota native, Poppy Harlow.

The TV reporters covering Wall Street's meltdown are generating their own heat.

Three years ago, Rebecca Jarvis was best known as a finalist on "The Apprentice." Poppy Harlow could be found interviewing celebrities at movie premieres. Today, the two Minnesotans operate from the front lines of the biggest story in the world. They're financial reporters caught up in one of TV's most compelling dramas, with ratings climbing at double-digit rates, and young, relatively green journalists becoming the equivalent of the Gulf War's "scud studs."

"It's the biggest story of my life," said CNN's Harlow. "I'm aware of it every day and every night."

Check out the Star Tribune for the full article: The TV reporters covering Wall Street's meltdown are generating their own heat.

Harlow recently spoke with BeetTV about online reporting: Online Video Gives News Reporters More Flexiblity and Time


CNN International's Kristie Lu Stout did a story about Shark Soup as part of the Going Green series.

First off, yes -- I've eaten the fin. Being half-Chinese, I grew up eating shark fin soup at special family functions. At the time, I didn't know about the brutal practice of "shark finning" or the impact it had on the environment.

Today, I stay away from the dish. But I'm also aware of the cultural stigma of saying "no" when it's served at a Chinese wedding. Thankfully, there's a compromise out there -- imitation shark fin soup. I go to Hong Kong's Kin's Kitchen to try it out.

The rest of the article is available on

The first video clip is a report on the issues surrounding the soup.

The second video clip is her Reporter's Notebook on the shark fin free version of the soup.

Tom Foreman CNN = Politics Metro

Here are the latest columns written by Tom Foreman that have appeared in the Philadelphia Metro:

The president is expecting

The first time I ever went out on a real date it was marvelous. She was lovely and nice, with long brown hair, and a beautiful smile. We held hands and laughed, and briefly made out in her driveway until I inadvertently let the clutch go and the Biscayne lurched backward into the street scaring the life out of both of us.

Like I said, it was a great experience. And it was also a huge mistake. Because Jera (that was her name ... no kidding) had wanted to go out with me for weeks, an anomaly of dating that I’d never experienced before and that I would meet precious few times in the future. She thought I was the nazz. The bee’s knees. Cool with a capital Q. When in truth, I was a skinny guy with glasses, an acne-constellation of Orion across my face, a forehead that excreted oil like a canola processing plant, and the fashion sense of a color-blind octogenarian.

In short, her expectations were far too high.

... for the rest of the article: The president is expecting

Fundamentally not fun in office

Less than a year ago, John McCain uttered seven words that proved disastrous to his presidential dreams: “The fundamentals of our economy are sound.” September 2008. Wall Street was in freefall. The housing market was reeling. Massive companies were trembling card houses in the teeth of a gale. Unemployment was climbing like a cat on the curtains. McCain looked out of touch and Barack Obama pounced.

For too many voters, McCain’s gaffe was a political infield fly. “We can see that things are collapsing. Don’t try to tell us they are not.” The first George Bush lost to Bill Clinton the same way: trying to tell voters that the economy was fine when they knew otherwise.

... for the rest of the article: Fundamentally not fun in office

Message in a bottle

Listen to one of the most impassioned speeches for health care reform: “We must not surrender to the relentless medical inflation that can bankrupt almost anyone and that may soon break the budgets of government at every level. Let us insist on real controls over what doctors and hospital can charge, and let us resolve that the state of a family’s health shall never depend on the size of a family’s wealth.”

The speaker goes on to say, as we’ve all heard by now, that the president, vice president and members of Congress already have a generous public health care plan, and regular Americans deserve the same. It was a great speech for President Obama. Only he did not deliver it. It wasn’t even made this year. Those words were part of Ted Kennedy’s address to the Democratic Convention, in his failed presidential bid, almost 30 years ago.

... for the rest of the article: Message in a bottle

And finally, Jeanne Moos recently reported on, a site that allows TV News Anchors and journalists to sell clothes that they no longer want, need, or have been told not to wear again. She visited Kiran Chetry's closet for examples of items that could end up at a site like this.

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Anonymous said...

Jeanne Moos has to be CNN's best kept secret. She's a witty riot and has been around for years, without a bit of promotion, unlike some anchors.
This is really a funny piece though I couldn't fit into any of Kiran's clothing, maternity or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Kid Rock feature from Poppy.CNN
needs to do more of this. How come the shark
soup story was not shown on CNN domestic.
There needs to be coordination that permits
domestic to show a wealth of material from