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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ratings for the week of August 24, 2009

Ratings for the week August 24, 2009 - August 28, 2009

Adults 25-54
FOX894,800 1
CNN165,400 2
MSNBC361,400 1
Adults 25-54
FOX678,800 1
CNN223,600 1
MSNBC336,200 3
Adults 25-54

FOX remains on top for the week having the highest average Adult 25 - 54 demographic ratings for all three prime time hours. What is different this week, is that they only took the top spot Monday - Thursday from 8PM - 11PM. On Friday night, they placed third during the 8PM and 9PM hours and second during the 10PM hour.

CNN came in fourth place at 8PM after two fourth place finishes, two third place finishes and one first place finish. Wednesday night (a third place finish) and Friday night (the first place finish) are excluded from the average since these were both hours of special programming covering the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy. CNN took second place for the week during both the 9PM and 10PM hours. At 9PM, they had one first place finish, three second place finishes, and one third place finish. Friday night's first place finish was excluded from the weekly average. The 10PM slot had one first place finish, three second place finishes, and one third place finish.

MSNBC comes in second place for the week at 8PM after finishing second three times and third & fourth one time each. The 9PM hour found MSNBC in third place after finishing in second place twice, third place twice, and fourth place once. Wednesday's second place finish at 9PM and Friday night's second place finish at both 8PM & 9PM were excluded from the weekly average since this was special programming. At 10PM, MSNBC came in third place three nights and fourth place two nights which left them in third place for the week.

HLN didn't fair as well this week. They came in third place at 8PM after two second place finishes, one third place finish and two fourth place finishes. At 9PM and 10PM, their average put them in fourth place. At 9PM, they came in third place once and fourth place four times. At 10PM, they came in second place and third place one time each and they finished out the week coming in fourth place three consecutive nights.

Friday night was Senator Kennedy's memorial service. The cable news coverage ran from 7PM - 10PM ET. CNN had the highest demo ratings for the program with an average of 467,667 viewers. MSNBC followed with 305,333 viewers and FOX came in the third place with 273,333 viewers.

1 4 night average used. Friday night Kennedy Memorial Service excluded from FOX at 8PM & 8PM, CNN at 9PM, and MSNBC at 8PM.

2 3 night average used. CNN 8PM: Wednesday night and Friday night excluded.

3 3 night average used. MSNBC 9PM: Wednesday night and Friday night excluded.

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

CNN needs to hire Conor Knighton.Infomania
is getting a lot of buzz lately.Knighton could
be their answer to Beck or replace Lou Dobbs.
The Brown show is just bad the format is just
not working.CNN really needs to learn what a
mashup is. The beginning of the show for the
1st 10 minutes is just plain bad. Using an analog
noise transition is so history.

Anonymous said...

CNN did very well during the tribute to Ted Kennedy, but then, CNN caters to the left and is broadcasted in HD and Fox, for whatever reason, is not. This does make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed changes with some of
the graphics on CNN ? I think something is
definitely going to happen.It is just to much
blah blah chatter on CNN these days.Do some
news people.I am a huge Current fan since day
1. If CNn does hire Conor, he would have to give
his take on the big stories in news and media for
the day.

Anonymous said...

Hey CNN I did not buy a 60 inch HDTV to see
another television on the screen.I now watch
Morning Express.I can not take the news off
of the monitor.

Anonymous said...

CNN needs new leadership.

Anonymous said...

Good for Larry King for having the husband of the drunk woman driver on, of course defending the Drunk.
Let everyone see for themselves how people in denial act and respond to tragedy they cause. We all remember that his "poor wifey," drove in the wrong direction on the Taconic Parkway in NY State and according him, never was drunk.
Right, and she had an abcess tooth that made her drink a bottle of Vodka and the Tooth Fairy, hopefully will NOT REWARD her, in heaven, after killing 7 innocent people, 4 of which were children.
What Larry didn't ask him was why the NY Post reported that she was a known drinker who frequented bars after work.

Anonymous said...

CNN is in trouble because the network has no
journalistic backbone.CNN is permitting itself
to be controlled by talk radio and political blogs
and the left vs right rhetoric. CNN needs to make
a decision. Will it cover the noise or the news.

All too often lately.CNN is leaving out facts and
not putting things into perspective. Last night
and this morning the word propaganda was used
with stories about the Obama speech. Why does
CNN choose the loaded words and not the real
story behind what is going on. That tells me
that CNN is not a part of a free press.If the press
permits itself to be used and played by a small
few who will determine what the news is of the
day then CNN is going down by it's own hands.

With regards to not being able to see a the full
video, I say this, if advertisers get full screen
during the commercials , why can't the viewers
get it during the news. Does anyone between the
ages of 18-34 work at CNN and don't listen to
talk radio or care about political blogs?

Television is the visual medium not the talking
head forum. Thank goodness for Jack Tapper
at ABC because I can't trust the White House
or congressional reporters at CNN. The facts
don't matter, but the misinformation and
ignorance gets first class treatment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:24, you have got to realized that CNN
quit being a news and information channel a
while back. Beck was once on the payroll at
CNN and they promoted Dobbs.I agree CNN
should say some and say conservatives are
up in arms about the speech.CNN is drinking
the kool-aid when it comes to Beck and Dobbs.
THat is why the will be number 4 before the
year is over.I have a feeling management looks
at the ratings for Fox and think we can get the
same ratings if we do that.CNN just does not
get it, people who watch Fox don't like CNN
and people who watch CNN don't like Fox

Anonymous said...

I was just on TV by the Numbers and CNN was
# 2 for the night.I really think CNN needs an all
female newscast at 8 with rotating hosts. Just
the female journalists at CNN and HLN. A real
news program with smart intelligent women
but not the View, I can't stand the show.It is
no surprise that ABC named Diane Sawyer to
replace Charlie Gibson. They know women are
now majority of the population and workforce.
Something tells me Kyra would be great for
this. Just have different women join her each
week and you can have cool music like the
song from Parachute called love and others
and have viewers help create a playlist.Heck
maybe move Larry King to 8 and have the
women on up against Rachel.I think it should
be a mixture of the big stories of the day and
interesting items. Yesterday Kyra did something
called you go girl and it was great.Fredericka
does some of the same kind of stories on
weekend. Open and close the show with a
different song each day.

Anonymous said...

But CNN Loves coming in second to Greta and beating reruns of O'Reilly.
This is exactly what happened this past Thursday, when Cooper brought in well over a million in his two time slots, talking about Michael Jackson. It sickens me typing his name. The man has been dead for over 60 days and CNN DOUBLED their coverage for every aspect of who arrived, and when. Even Randi Kaye was telling us that "the body was kept cool." Really?? Gee after 60 days I would hope so. Shouldn't this have been on an entertainment channel?? He was an entertainer and we celebrated his life, just 60
days ago. Let's put Cooper on Entertainment Tonite and then he can cover all the dead celebrities he wants and everyone will be happy. This was not real news and if Cooper wants to report real news again he should be on a "real news channel."

Anonymous said...

@6:57pm: Unless you've been hiding under a rock, the right wing, which now consists of half the country, would never "believe" any news that came from a panel of women, no matter how intelligent. These are the same people who question Obama's place of birth, and are now questioning his authority to speak to "their children" in school. He might offend them so much that when they grow up and become adults they might even think, reason, and become, Oh My, Democrats!

Anonymous said...

America has a population of 300 million people.
Last I check conservatives are not the only ones
with tv's. That is the problem. Right now cable
news is geared toward conservatives. Because of
this the average age of people who watch cable
news is close to 60 or older. That means tv news
is headed the way of newspapers unless they
make drastic changes. The target audience would
be women.A segment that is all but ignored by
cable news. College-educated women are an
untapped market. Aim for women from ages
16-64.I throw age of 16 in because a 16 is
living in a house with family members.That
translates into more viewers. Believe me, I
work for a huge company that is branched
out across the country.In the office we have
women in their 20's,30's and 40's who are
college educated and well informed.They
meet their boyfriends or husbands at school
or work. These men are very comfortable
with these women and are not afraid of their

Anonymous said...

RIP CNN.Overhyping made up controversies is
why CNN is in trouble and a total lack of respect
for President Obama. People expect this of FOX
but not CNN. They have so convinced themselves
that most Americans are angry and are walking
around with Hitler and racists signs. That tells
me that stupid people are in charge of CNN and
you can start celebrating their downfall. I find it
amazing that CNN is not asking itself if this is
just people who did not vote for Obama, do not
think he is really president because he was not
born in the United States and will never accept
that Obama is president.

Anonymous said...

@anon: 9:49AM: Last time I checked, statistically speaking, there are now more women employed than men. If those men you speak of, are not intimidated just a little, they should be. And as for ages 16-24, if they're not busy texting each other about nonsense, they get their news, as I often do, from the most trusted anchor in cable, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me about Current.It
is now my news channel.I will just get
the other news off of the internet.I too
am finished with CNN.

Anonymous said...

EJ Dionne has a great article about how the
electronic media is not giving the public the
full picture when it comes to the town hall
meetings with regards to health care. The
article described CNN well without mentioning
them by name.I am still waiting for CNN to show
the Al Franken video.I am wondering if there is
not a Jon Klein memo somewhere telling staff
to play up the shouting and nothing else to try
and get some ratings. Start really paying attention
to the ratings beginning the week of Sept 14th.
That is the week when the new fall season
begins and football season began yesterday.
Look for CNN to take a huge hit. There is a
lot of buzz on line to take down CNN because
they are siding the the anti-reform crowd
because they are advertising on CNN.So they
make appearances on CNN to present only
one side because they paid for it. Even the
tea party is advertising on CNN. Guess what
CNN has a reporter traveling with the bus
tour. Jon Stewart is the most trusted because
he is not for sell.