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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anderson Cooper to Broadcast from Afghanistan

CNN has released more information on Anderson Cooper's upcoming trip to Afghanistan:

“Live from the Battle Zone” offers first-hand look at fight against the Taliban Reports to air on AC 360 Throughout the Week of September 7; with a Special Hour to Air on Saturday, September 12

Anderson Cooper will anchor Anderson Cooper 360° from Afghanistan the week of September 7th to mark the eighth anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Cooper will be embedded with US troops fighting on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. Cooper will be joined by CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who will be embedded with the US military and covering battle field trauma surgery. Terrorism expert and CNN’s national security analyst Peter Bergen will join Cooper in Afghanistan and CNN correspondent Michael Ware will also file reports from the field. Anderson Cooper 360° airs weeknights at 10pm ET on CNN and CNN International.

Pieces from throughout the week will culminate in an hour special premiering on Saturday at 8pmET and re-airing at 11pm and on Sunday at 2amET on CNN. Additionally, will feature a multimedia look at Anderson Cooper 360° Afghanistan trip.

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Anonymous said...

If August is the most brutal month for those in Afghanistan, why in the world would CNN risk sending AC and the rest of his team, into this land of peril. Oh, I forgot ratings. Guess what? Those that watch Fox, will still be watching Fox and generally, unless it is a 9/11 situation, and doesn't impact directly on selfish Americans, no one really cares. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

i am glad Team AC is going to Afghanistan.
Did you guys know that Anderson Cooper,
Larry King & Jack Gray are in the top 10
when it comes to journalists on Twitter. In
fact Jack is on the path to 700,00 follower
and there are a lot of people saying Gray
is someone you need to follow on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

If CNN has any sense they would give Jack
Gray an on air assignment.He is blowing up
as one of the people you should follow on
Twitter.He is not even on air and is mostly
known via the 360 blog.