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Sunday, September 13, 2009

State of the Union September 13, 2009

John King was in Maine this week when he taped the preview for this week's State of the Union.

On this morning's program, we got see updated music and graphics for the program. The first guest was Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to discuss the tea party protests in DC, health care, and Representative Wilson's outburst during the President's speech. Gibbs was also asked about the House Democrats who have taken money from health care PACs and whether or not the attacks on the President's policies are because of his race.

Next, Senator Susan Collins (R), Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D), Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) talked with King about health care reform and the war in Afghanistan.

The American Dispatch was from Maine. King took a look at the impact of the large number of independent voters in the state. (And demonstrated this with lobsters- watch the video for details of his lobster bucket math.)

Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz started at 10AM. His first panel included Sam Tanenhaus, David Brody, and Ceci Connolly and they discussed political pundits and the coverage of Obama's health care plan as well as the President's speech to students.

Next was Ana Marie Cox and Chris Stirewalt to discuss the Beck vs Olbermann battle and the Van Jones controversy

Gail Shister and James Poniewozik discussed CNN's coverage of the Coast Guard's exercise on the Potomac and Jay Leno's debut at 10PM.

The 11 AM Sounds of Sunday started off with a discussion with Ed Gillespie & Donna Brazile. King asked them about Rep. Wilson's "you lie!" outburst, the protests in Washington, the health care public option, and the public's concern about the cost of health care reform.

This week's CNN Diner segment was from Portland, Maine. King talked with Judy Colby George, Bob Gregoire, & David Unger about health care reform and their thoughts on 9/11 – eight years later.

The next panel included Ed Henry, Gloria Borger, and Dana Bash. They covered the health care reform legislation, swine flu vaccinations, Rep. Wilson's outburst, and the war in Afghanistan.

The Last Word went to Rep. Eric Cantor (R). King asked Cantor about health care reform, troops in Afghanistan, Rep Wilson's outburst, and whether Rep. Cantor was disrespectful during the President's speech by working on his blackberry.

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