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Thursday, October 1, 2009

New plan for Afghanistan?

Last night, John Roberts (sitting in for Campbell Brown) hosted a conversation with Michael Ware and Gloria Borger about the future of the US's commitment to the war in Afghanistan. As President Obama gets new advice from his generals on the ground, will politics or reality be the deciding factor?

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Earlier in the day, Wolf Blitzer interviewed Thomas Ricks about the new team leading the American effort in Iraq. Things not sounding great there...

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And Mohammed Jamjoom filed a report about medical clinics in Baghdad that are being run on solar power as a way to deal with the still-spotty supply of electricity in the city:

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Anonymous said...

On one of the ATA blogs, Phebe wrote about an interview with John Roberts and Madeline Albright. There was a related article in the print edition of the NYPost today, about her new book: "Read My Pins." Since she was a former diplomat, each pin has a special meaning and one in particular was given to her by a Katrina survivor. It was from his mother and she tearfully related this tale to the interviewer. Too bad Anderson Cooper didn't do that interview.

Anonymous said...

Too bad James Carville can't run for Mayor of NOLA. He certainly would be a better one than they have now and it would be interesting to see if any constructive changes would take place.