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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TJ Holmes at Open Your Purse Fundraiser

TJ Holmes CNNTJ Holmes was mentioned in an article on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

After a recent luncheon at the Lenox Bloomingdale's, Atlanta's philanthropic powerhouses synchronized their calendars. Here's what everyone's up to.


Congrats to the prospective groom T.J. Holmes

Aww. That was the sound of the InterContinental becoming the Heartbreak Hotel. CNN anchor T.J. Holmes, emceeing the YWCA’s “Open Your Purse” fundraiser on Oct. 1, said he was wrangled into service with the promise of a ballroom full of women staring at him. (We totally were). Then he introduced his lovely fiancee, attorney Marilee Fiebig. We dashed out in between courses to eye her high-wattage bling. “He picked this himself,” she said, waving the hardware. They’ll tie the knot in March in Memphis. Sorry, ladies.

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Anonymous said...

I love Tj,Betty and Reynolds along with Josh
on the weekends.I wish CNN would give them
a weekly show. Perhaps the noon hour.
The chemistry is amazing and sadly I them the
weekend am show is better than American Morning.
I like John Roberts and think a very talented jurno
is being wasted on a pretty bad morning show.
Give Roberts an evening newscast.Perhaps go
with Erica Hill,Don Lemon and Jack Gray in the

Anonymous said...

Let's get real here. Jack Gray does not deserve to anchor anything. He already takes part in producing 360 and since he's come on board the show is having its share of problems....and one of them may well be "him."
Don Lemon is a pro. TJ may not be ready to share prime time just yet.
CNN tried John Roberts at nite and ratings wise, it/he didn't work. As for Erica....a morning person, ONLY.

Anonymous said...

Was appalled when TJ blasted Delta Airlines at the YWCA Open Your Purse event . Thought it was distasteful and inappropriate.