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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rachael Ray Interviews Candy Crowley

Last month, Rachael Ray interviewed CNN's Candy Crowely> for an article that appear on Everyday with Rachael Ray's website:

Candy Crowley CNN Everyday with Rachael Ray September 2009
Photography by David S. Holloway/ Everyday with Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray: Hey, Candy, I'm a big fan of your reporting. I watch CNN every night, and am so excited to peek inside your fridge. I hear you're a vegetarian. How long has it been?

Candy Crowley: I was on the campaign trail covering George H.W. Bush and grabbed a bite to eat at a little restaurant down South. I ordered venison, but there was just something about how the meat looked. That was the last piece I ever put in my mouth. I've been vegetarian ever since.


RR: I hear you're the reigning champ of the annual CNN Chili Cook-Off. What's your secret?

CC: My chili's won the veggie division two years in a row. It's actually really easy to make! They're serious about the competition around here. I won bragging rights and trophies.

RR: Thanks for sharing the award-winning recipe here—I guess we got a real news scoop out of this interview!

...for the full article.

The Chili recipe mentioned in the article is available on Rachael Ray's website.

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