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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tom Foreman Metro Articles September 2009

Tom Foreman CNN Metro 2009

Here are the latest articles that Metro has published by Tom Foreman:

We’re mad as hell

After weeks of angry folks with pitchforks storming town hall meetings on health care, it is not surprising to see a hint of anarchy burst like a firecracker in the middle of President Obama’s big speech. There he was talking about how he won’t cover illegal immigrants when suddenly Representative Joe Wilson screamed “You lie!”

Let’s put aside for a minute that the actual bills suggest he was mistaken, and that the president was right. Let’s step around the obvious breach of decorum; this is, after all, not the Taiwanese Parliament. Let’s even ignore the fact that the congressman apologized almost immediately.

We still have a question: Why does this president evoke such fierce feelings?

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I once received an anonymous call at the height of a major trial. A deep baritone, with a measured cadence of confidence spoke. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who else to call. I believe I have proof of jury tampering.”

‘Really?” I responded, my ears pricking up like Spock on a date.

He described how the deliberations had been slanted for acquittal by one juror. His information seemed rock solid, his knowledge of the case thorough. Then the bombshell. “How is this happening?” I asked.

“He’s using below-the-horizon surveillance and mind control particle beams.” continue reading


During the second George Bush presidency, when the economy started its long trip over the falls in a barrel, there was a joke: “The president says he’s creating jobs and I know it must be true. I’ve got three of them!”

Underemployment is the evil twin of unemployment. Many of the underemployed have jobs, but often for far fewer hours a week than they might want or at much lower skill and pay levels than they have earned. We’ve all heard the chilling, albeit apocryphal, tales of accountants waiting tables, and doctors driving cabs. People who have given up looking for work also swell the ranks of the underemployed.

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