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Monday, November 16, 2009

Rebecca Project for Human Rights Event

Kiki Ryan from Politico reviewed an event held this past weekend at the Washington, D.C. home of Juleanna Glover in honor of Rebecca Project for Human Rights.

According to the charity's website, they are a national legal and policy organization that advocates for public policy reform, justice and dignity for vulnerable families. The Rebecca Project strives to reform child welfare, criminal justice, and substance abuse policies that impact the lives of vulnerable families. [They] frame the pervasiveness of violence against women and girls, the draconian conditions that too often characterize maternal incarceration, and the dearth of access to health and healing for mothers and their children, as fundamental human rights violations. [They] seek to stop the shattering cycle of violence, trauma and addiction. [They] seek to urge for policies and practices that honor, strengthen, and render whole the sacred ties between parents and children. [They] affirm the worth and dignity of every child, every family.

Among those from CNN spotted at the event were Dana Bash, Jessica Yellin, Amy Holmes, and Edie Emery. To read the review, see Ryan's article: Stories of Success.

Photo credit: Kiki Ryan

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