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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Here's the new CNN NEWS DAYSIDE & PRIMETIME PROGRAMMING GRID that goes into effect January 18th. Click to enlarge.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you said enlarge. For a minute I was about to really think you had superb vision that excelled far beyond the norm.
Where is John King????

Anonymous said...

This is a disaster in the making.CNN seems
to not get that people are sick and tired of
political points of view.It is sad that it takes
an earthquake in Haiti to get CNN to do real
news. CNN your viewers watch you for news
and lately we can't get it.

Anonymous said...

While the devastation in Haiti is horrendous and we all grieve for those involved, why is it that ALL other news had to stop on 360? Yes, they should keep us updated, and yes it was very important, but On the Record had it down at the scroll until 10:45.
We get it. It is a disaster of major proportions and there are many Americans who have relatives there, but there was and is other news and thank God for all of us, it wasn't another 9/11.
This is the main difference between FOX and CNN now. FOX will report Haiti and do other news, and CNN will squeeze the life out of this story just for ratings and the audience is knows the difference.

Anonymous said...

Translation more chatter less news.
One thing the Haiti quake shows is
what CNN is supposed to be about
and why they need to get out of talk.

Social media is were the news is
going to these days. People want
their news unfiltered without all
of the blah blah blah. News is
suppose provide info not opinion
and that is why people are going to
the web.No one is trying to tell you
what to think and it is about the
story and not personalities doing
stunts to get ratings. Let's be honest
here is this a lineup that anyone will
care to watch each day.Of course, the
Haiti quake is different it is breaking
news. There is the clue to where CNN
needs to really go. The network with
the resources to bring the world into
your home.I think most network heads
forget now that television is a visual
medium.If you are really going to use
social media, the anchor has to take
a back seat and let the people take
charge of the flow of the news. Unless
you have a news show like Digg you
will not get the hipsters who like to
go for news that interest them. That
explains why CNN is really hurting
in the demo both day and night. The
sham we are cool because we use
technology will not fly because it is
not what you got it is how you use it.
When I hear that CNN is doing a news
show with more info and stories that
is when I will watch, but the description
of each show tells me which ones to
avoid all together.POV is not journalism
it is boring and I tune out.

By the way even the State Dept is getting
in on it, by texting some numbers you
can donate $ 10 to Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:20, please understand that there
are thousands of American in Haiti. Their families
are having trouble reaching some of them. I have
a friend who was just there this summer doing
missionary work as he works toward a doctorate.

Anonymous said...

Who is the audience that CNN is aiming for?
I am with Jon Stewart, CNN is just throwing
stuff against the wall hoping that something
will stick and only ends up looking like nothing
of news value.

Anonymous said...

@10:35AM: I understand there are many Americans in Haiti and I said that in my comment. I also said that FOX NEWS, which lead in the ratings EVEN LAST NITE, didn't spend the entire nite talking about the disaster. It started talking about it later on in the broadcast and even today, while it reported what was KNOWN, didn't use the DISASTER TO FORWARD ITS RATINGS.
If there is no new news to report, spending time looking at the same video, over and over, doesn't help anyone. CNN will "beat this story to death," not because it IS NEWSWORTHY, but because they were first to start reporting and hopefully it will help their ratings. So far, FOX still won the nite.

Anonymous said...

How in the world did Rick Sanchez get an
anchoring job at CNN.I could not watch
CNN while he was on, he is just really bad.