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Monday, January 11, 2010

Your Views on the News January 11, 2009

We had four departures from CNN (that we are aware of) last week and a few behind the scenes promotions that were mentioned on Twitter. Who knows what we're in store for this week. If you've got a crystal ball go ahead and give us your predictions.

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Anonymous said...

I predict that Anderson is next to go, if he can get out of his contract, or someone offers him a better one, but my crystal ball does not tell me where.
I know, after last nites 60 Minutes report on Palin, that was negative, and deservedly so, it will not be FOX NEWS.

Anonymous said...

This will be the month in which CNN will
implode. Looking at the data on Tv by the
Numbers, CNN will be # 4 in viewers and
the demo.It will be interesting to see how
things play out today with MSNBC going
with their new lineup.

Anonymous said...

I feel emphasizing "Game Change" is a solid start for 360 and AC. Washington hasn't been this interested in a book since the days of Woodstein and for good reason. Everyone is doing the "DC Read" and checking the index to see if their name appears and on which page.
Look at all the markers Soledad had on LKL!!

Anonymous said...

I agree if 360 focuses on news and not noise
the show will be just fine. Last night was the
first time in a long time that I did not change
the channel.I did find it interesting that Soledad
was subbing for Larry KIng.I just don't have
confidence in the new lineup that will start
Monday. Last Friday, Wolf trailed Hardball &
Ed in viewers, that tells me that people are
turning from CNN earlier in the day.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing for CNN to do is to expand
the Twitter dumb hour. Twitter is starting to
flatline and is hardly growing according to
Mashable. That's the problem with Twitter
since most of it's users are females 12-20 .
90 % of the content comes from 10 % of it's
users. Twitter will likely start to dive some
time in 2010. People are growing tired of
Twitter and moving on to other things.It
is likely to hurt more than help CNN.

Anonymous said...

I hope in 2010 we get the 360 player. I really
think 360 should have live streaming on the
blog as the show is airing live on CNN.I really
don't understand why a full episode of 360
is not available as of 11:05 east coast time
on the blog.I should be able to watch 360
live on the laptop if I am not at home. Right
now I have to listen on CNN radio if I am not
at home. I think it would give the show and
the blog a much needed boost. Live steaming
will be the next big thing.

Anonymous said...

Any word on who will replace Erica Hill on 360.
I am pulling for Betty Nguyen. I think she will
fit right in with Team 360.i associate Jessica
Yellin with politics.I am not sure about her
reporting outside of politics.

Anonymous said...

It was refreshing last night to see Roland Martin
call the media out with regards to discussions
about race. I would like to have seen some 20
& 30-somethings talking about the issue. I
think it is a generational thing. I think younger
people can joke about race while the older
people are more about politics of race.

Anonymous said...

Soledad should be in the new line up. She has charm, wit, personality, and the camera loves her. She's also has an ivy league educational background most would envy and is multi-lingual. What else could CNN want?