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Friday, January 8, 2010

Erica Hill to Leave CNN

Anderson Cooper announced tonight on AC360 that Erica Hill will be leaving CNN. A TVNewser article was posted earlier stating the following:

First on TVNewser: Tipsters tell us to expect a special announcement tonight on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360."

Earlier in the week, we heard that correspondent and substitute anchor Erica Hill would be giving up her role on the program in order to move to CBS full-time. She has been anchoring CBS' "Early Show" Saturday Edition since 2008 in addition to her duties on CNN.

We also hear that CBS News will make an announcement about Hill's expanded role with the network sometime next week.

We'll be watching tonight to find out more

Thanks to Wonz for the tip.

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Jason Michael said...

It will be sad to see her leave 360 - especially for Anderson. I've enjoyed Erica's work since she was on TechTV and it was a joy to see her again on CNN. Now she's going to CBS, where I had no idea she was on the morning show - my kid is too busy watching cartoons, but one recent Saturday morning, I was surprised to see her, and wondered if she would be leaving CNN....

I wish her well, with whatever she does - she's got a great heart and seems to have worked hard in the industry. I hope CBS is going to pay her very well.

Tedi B said...

:( Another good part of 360 is going away....

Phebe said...

Smart move, jump ship before it sinks. I wish her luck, she will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling she would be leaving and this is the right time with her maturnity leave coming up.
We will all miss her. She was always good company for AC and I truly believe he sincerely didn't want her to go but recognized her great opportunity at CBS.

Anonymous said...

This really is getting to be a revolving door. CNN is losing a lot of talented people.
This industry pays well if you're in a major market like NYC, but there really is no security. Unless you're Katie Couric, Matt Lauer or Brian Williams you really don't know where you'll end up. Look at Dan"Rathernot." He isn't even sane.

Christina Pappas said...

I will truly miss Erica..She always seems like she knows something that no one else knows it is alluring! I think that
her and Anderson are magical together they have this great one can make Anderson smile like she does.
She is the chesse to Andersons macaroni!

Diane said...

I'm really sad to see her go.... she was a perfect sidekick for Anderson! I will follow her to CBS!

Susan said...

Susan Brucklacher said
Erica Hill is an outstanding news person.I have enjoyed her very much on CNN and have watched her grow on CBS. I admire you Erica Hill, and I wish you the very best!!
At least we will still be able to have you in our lives and WOW what an anchor you are!! You have so many great qualities it is hard to pick but foremost myou have a big heart and a kind way in all you do!! Good luck my friend and we your viewers will find you!! You are ma wonderful person!! CBS is lucky to get you!!

Susan Brucklacher
Sioux Falls, S.D.

Wonz said...

I will miss Erica and thought she was a perfect sidekick for Anderson -- she could always make him laugh!!

Good luck, Erica -- CBS's gain is CNN's loss.

Anonymous said...

I look for more of the younger up and comings to
depart for CNN. Erica should have replace Campbell
long ago.CNN just seems so clueless right now.
I hope they consider Betty for her replacement on
360 it needs to be one of the 30 somethings at
CNN.I have to agree right now CNN is a sinking
ship until they fire Jon Klein.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to be negative, but I do believe it needs to said that CNN did not use her in an appropriate manner or showcase her abilities. Unless AC was absent, all she did was read the bulletin and very quickly. Half the time you couldn't understand her. There was a time, not too long ago, when all she did was answer the blog and then they gave her the demeaning webcam interviews! It seemed almost a come-down from her anchoring job in Atlanta. CNN hired her, but didn't know how to encorporate her into the show, without over shadowing AC.
Having said that, she deserves more and has learned from this experience and it was time to move on and so must we.

Anonymous said...

What a shame! My husband and I just love Erica. We so enjoyed her expressive face her humour and her fetching ways.
What are CNN thinking any way? She was the perfect match for Anderson Cooper. I hope CBS pays her well, she certainly deserves it.
The only smart thing CNN has done lately was to get rid of Lou Dobbs, did that cost so much that they have to start getting rid of people like Erica?
I repeat, What a shame, we will definitely look for her on CBS.
Elaine in Canada.

rody said...

on the issue of reid and pres. obama thats between those two men not us!!!!if he forgave and closed the book so be it! leave it alone and dont stirrr it up!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just like human nature. While Erica was there, everyone complained about her. "Is that all she does? What a cushy job? If Erica subbed it wasn't good and if she didn't sub, well then, why didn't she? When she used the webcam, no one watched. If she blogged, It was only Erica, and not AC."
It is always when someone is not there anymore that we miss them. Why don't we appreciate people when they are there?

Anonymous said...

@6:59 AM: I don't think CNN got rid of Erica. I do believe it was her choice to go. She saw and opportunity, and she's taking it. She couldn't be AC's side kick for the rest of her adult life....and does he really need one??

Anonymous said...

Now that Erica's gone whatever will become of the blog on CNN? She was the only one who answered. I guess ATA can expect lots more business!

isaac said...

i always thought Erica and AC were fit for each other. I could read between the lines and see that there was a dose of chemistry going on. It was nice to watch them. Will miss that