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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Coverage

CNN is on the ground in Haiti covering the devastation from the earthquake. Anderson Cooper is reported to have been the first news anchor on air.

Updates are available from CNN on:

Photo Credit: CNN. Anderson Cooper and Victor Diaz Rua, Dominican Minister of Public Works in chopper en route from Santo Domingo to Port-Au-Prince.

In a press release that was updated as of 6pm ET - January 13, 2010, CNN has the following journalists/ anchors reporting from Haiti:

On the ground – Port-au-Prince

  • Susan Candiotti, CNN national correspondent (arrived 12:02pm ET, Jan. 13)
  • Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor (arrived 10:05am ET, Jan. 12)

  • Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent (arrived 2:19pm ET, Jan. 13)
  • Juan Carlos Lopez, CNN en Español - Washington D.C. (arrived 2:19 pm ET, Jan. 13)
  • Jonathan Mann, CNN International anchor & correspondent (arrived 2:19pm ET, Jan. 13)

  • Gary Tuchman, CNN national correspondent (arrived 12:02pm ET, Jan. 13)

  • Ivan Watson, CNNI correspondent (arrived 10:46am ET, Jan. 12)

  • Chris Lawrence, CNN Pentagon correspondent (arrived 3:08pm ET, Jan. 13)
  •, CNN Radio

En route to Port-au-Prince

  • Rafael Romo, CNN International - Senior Latin American Affairs Editor – in Santo Domingo
  • Karl Penhaul – in Santo Domingo
  • Jason Carroll – in Santo Domingo (will be on a 7am ET flight to Port-au-Prince)
  • Willie Lora, CNN en Español

Video links of first and exclusive reports:

**Sanjay Gupta first exclusive with Haitian President Rene Preval

Anderson Cooper

Ivan Watson

Susan Candiotti w/Gary Tuchman

Sanjay Gupta

Chris Lawrence (on CNNI’s Amanpour first)

Chris Lawrence (on CNN)

Key airtimes ET

January 12, 2010

17:06Received first iReport
17:12CNNI broke in BackStory with Michael Holmes broke news posted breaking news banner
17:20CNN US broke in "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer
17.47CNNI simulcasts CNN US "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer

January 13, 2010

12:02Haitian Prime Minister- Jean Max Bellerive is on live with Tony Harris
14:442007 CNN Hero Bobby Duval on CNN
15:19Gov. Charlie Christ (R) Florida is on CNN
15:28Sanjay Gupta exclusive first interview with Haitian President Rene Preval
15:56Emilio Estefan Ambassador of Latin Music is on CNN
18:09Former President Bill Clinton on “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer

Thanks to Phebe for the screencaps from CNN's live coverage.

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