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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

John King Discusses Visiting All 50 States

The Washington Post posted at article from the AP's David Bauder who talked to CNN's John King about having reported from all 50 states over the past year for State of the Union:

John King had no thoughts about trying to touch 'em all when he began traveling to different states for his CNN "State of the Union" show.

Part of the way in it became a goal, realized when King reported on the tourism industry from Jackson, Wyo., on Sunday's program. He traveled to all 50 states in one year, accomplished just as he's about to leave. King's Sunday gig will soon end, as he prepares to launch a new daily show in the time slot vacated by Lou Dobbs.

King believed he could better illustrate many of the issues faced by Washington leaders by leaving Washington.

"It's not just a gimmick to say we went to all 50 states," he said. "It's worth doing because we learned so much. My body is a little beat up, but I wouldn't trade this for the world."


It wasn't hard to find stories illustrating the nation's economic woes, but different states were affected in different ways, he said.

"If that doesn't inform your thinking or the questions you ask, then it's time to do something else," King said. "I was privileged and a little numb by what I learned and what I saw. I just hope it makes you a better reporter. I hope it makes you understand. The defining challenge in our business, at a time when people have so many choices, is to be relevant."

... to read the full article: CNN's John King hits 50-state marker

The article also mentions that CNN's Candy Crowley and Gloria Borger, who both recently anchored State of the Union in King's absence, may be in the running to take over for King when he starts his new primetime program. In case you didn't get to see them anchoring, below are video clips from an interview that each of them did.

Candy Crowley anchored the December 27, 2009 State of the Union. She interviewed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano: No indication of wider plot in botched airline attack:

Gloria Borger anchored State of the Union on January 3, 2010. During The Last Word segment, she interviewed former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer.

Ex-CIA agent: Threat from al Qaeda greater now than on 9/11:

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