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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Larry King Live Special Raises $8.9 Million

Monday night Larry King and CNN held a "Haiti - How You Can Help" Special to raise money for the Red Cross and UNICEF. Here are the highlights.

Ryan Seacrest, Host of American Idol ran the "Tweet Suite" where stars were on hand to answer viewer's "tweets." Also joining Larry in the CNN-LA studio were will i am, Tia Leone and Molly Sims, Jeff Probst, Jared Leto and Alyssa Milano.

Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta gave reports from Haiti.

Susan Sarandon, Ashley Judd, Russell Simons, Pete Wentz, Danny Glover and Sean Diddy Combs were all in the NY studio talking to Larry and answering phones.

Colin Powell shared a video message, as did Queen Rania of Jordan.

Soledad O'Brien gave a report on an orphanage and Larry spoke with Tamar Hahn from UNICEF in Haiti about the distribution of aid. Winnie Rameril, a Red Cross Volunteer said the number one need is money, because it gives them the ability to respond to needs on the ground.

Larry announced that in the first 30 minutes of the program $700,000 was raised at the Red Cross and UNICEF call centers.

Many others joined in the program to make pleas for donations or answer phones - among them; Sarah Ferguson, Snoop Dogg, Scarlette Johansen, Jon Mayer, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Stiller, Benicio del Toro, Joel Madden and Paul Abdul. Mick Jagger joined in via Skype and then he and Wycleff Jean sang "Hideaway."

It was suggested the Larry put his suspenders up for auction and the first pair sold for $1,000, so he offered up another pair!

The show closed with Seal singing "People Get Ready" and Larry without suspenders.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The best ambassador for Haiti and its plight are none of the above, IMHO.
Michelle Obama's caring message to donate was all I had to hear. SHE alone is the real deal, at least for me, and I donated, quite generously.
Sometimes it IS, the messenger and not the message....and please no more Susan Sarandon.