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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Susan Candiotti in Haiti

We've tried to feature all the CNN'ers who have reported live from Haiti at All Things CNN because they all deserve recognition and our thanks. Susan Candiotti was one of the first on the ground filing reports and doing an amazing job.

And here she is back in the States talking with Don Lemon about her experiences.

Great thanks to Wonz for capturing these clips for us.
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Anonymous said...

Poor Susan Candiotti. First she is ignored by TBPT, in their discussions, led by AC, and now the poor woman is ignored by management for her work in Haiti and hardly anyone knew she was even there.
Is it because she is female or is it because she is female and past 50? It certainly can't be because she has no knowledge. We know better.

Anonymous said...

Susan Lisovicz, the stock market reporter, also female and over 50, got the ax or her contract was not renewed.
Personally, when things were good, economically, she used to be a fast talker and called every dollar, "bucks." I know it is a common word, but if you don't have "the bucks," the phrase is demeaning for some who value every penny.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to think it is just not good
to be a woman working at CNN these
days. Heck women are 52 % of the population.
It is just dumb to not have women in the mix.
Every female anchor at CNN is way better than
Rick & Ali. Only a dumb male manager would
make a move like that. Oh yeah that's right,
is being run by clueless men.

I think that is one reason FNC is given Megan
Kelly her own show for 3 hours. Most news
organizations know you can't ignore women.

Anonymous said...

Why CNN chose to let Susan Lisovicz go and keep Jerry Willis is beyond my comprehension. Willis does not have a finance background. She comes from HGTV, but she's younger and blonder and dumber than Susan, so she gets to stay.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why is it so hard for
woman to get promoted in 2010 at CNN.
That is why Erica Hill left.It is really sad
that Betty,Fredericka and others are not
being given promotions. It is not setting
well and will hurt CNN.