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Monday, January 25, 2010

Richard Quest Joining Ali Velshi on Newsroom

Today Ali Velshi's Newsroom aired a piece by Richard Quest followed by a live shot. During the discussion Ali asked Richard to be on Newsroom more often and Quest said it is in the works and soon we would see him regularily. Here's the segment.

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Anonymous said...

2 mistakes CNN will regret is promoting
Ali Velshi and Rick Sanchez. CNN is now
a bona fide laughing stock. According to
TV by the Numbers HLN beat CNN in the
day demo. It is no surprise that those 2
are dragging down the demo.CNN just
does not care about it's viewers.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are in for yesterday and CNN
is down in the day demo and being topped
by HLN in viewers & demo in prime time.
Only 48,000 viewers was the difference
between CNN and HLN so it is pretty clear
that people are not too impressed with
the changes.

Anonymous said...

Also to add insult to injury, in reference to the posts prior, interest in Haiti, seems to have waned. Yes, the crisis continues and the Haitians are left to deal with this tremendous loss of human life, but Haiti is not seen as part of the United States. Many viewers have donated, feel they did what they could and life moves on....unfortunately so should CNN.