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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Susan Lisovicz to Leave CNN

TVNewser is reporting that 'CNN's longtime correspondent at the New York Stock Exchange, Susan Lisovicz, is leaving the network.
A CNN insider told them that Lisovicz told colleagues last week that she will be leaving the network after her contract was not renewed.'

We don't know exactly when Lisovicz began her tenure at CNN but this photo of her doing Headline News dates from the early 1990's.
ATC had a tip about this in yesterday's comments (Susan Candiotti post) but couldn't confirm it. It's a tough time to be working at CNN if you're female and over 40.

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Anonymous said...

Ever take a look at the FOX News women. Not only are they all young, mostly blond bimbos, but what they wear would even shock the New York Times!
One really cold, dreary, day in NYC, two of them were wearing short sleeveless dresses....and none of them are ethnic. Hmm Must be Hannity's America.

Anonymous said...

Saw Susan today giving an update to Tony Harris, and she tried to be cheerful reporting on a down market, but it takes talent to be on air and know you don't have a job and not let your feelings show.
Hope she finds something somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

If Susan Lisovicz looked anything like Maria Bartiromo from MSNBC, she'd still have a job.
Tony Harris, always the gentleman, gave her a nice farewell, and he truly seemed saddened by her leaving.

CNNfan said...

Susan Lisovicz:
1. started with CNN in 1983
2. left CNN in 1989
3. returned to CNN in 1997
4. is leaving CNN again in 2010

So if the same pattern holds, Susan may return to CNN in 2018 and stay with CNN until around 2031.